Best Irish Brand: Seavite


It's often people's frustration that leads to the greatest innovations. The late Galway-based marine biologist Patrick Mulrooney believed in the healing powers of the sea, and in the 1980s, in a bid to heal his children's chronic atopic eczema, he set about finding a way to bottle it, and created Seavite in 1993. It was such a success that today his wife Kaye continues to steer the organic seaweed-based brand, while staying true to its indigenous philosophy. The judges admired the brand's ethos of no parabens, sulphates or potential chemical irritants; and the revamp and diversification of classic formulas to include the latest anti-ageing ingredients and antioxidants, all the while maintaining formulas still tolerable by highly sensitive Irish skins. Seavite also earned kudos for continuing to harvest its main ingredient, organic seaweed, from the Atlantic coast, in a sustainable manner, and for also manufacturing the range here in Ireland.



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