Best Hair Colourist

For hair with a hue as individual as your personality, the right colourist is key. These trichological artists can highlight, lowlight, lift, blend and balayage their way to unique couture creations. A clash in the capital, nominated for Best Hair Colourist are

Pam Sullivan, Aviary Lane


A member of the Wella Professional Style Council 2013, Pam Sullivan not only tutors in tint, she excels in its depths and dimensions in her role as director at Aviary Lane.

Olive Tucker, House of Colour



Resident pigment prodigy Olive Tucker is the colour matchmaker. She'll find the perfect partner to complement your cut, character and complexion.

Karen Fraher, The Hive


Queen bee at boutique salon The Hive, Karen is a walking chroma compilation. Tones and shades combine at a literal level to ensure a result that looks as natural as the day you were born.

Jacqui Fay, Kazumi



Constantly challenging standards in colour, a t?te-?-t?te with Jacqui Fay will see your mop rival the manes of the red carpet. Her passion and creativity leaves hair with a unique brand. You'll be left wondering why you didn't visit sooner.

Rebecca Fryday, Alan Keville


A degree in dye, coupled with a wizard-like technique for foil and filler, Rebecca gives her clients hair that demands attention.

Claire Dalton, Salon 19


Owner of Dublin's official TIGI Academy, Salon 19, Claire's craft for coverage has sent her star into the stratosphere. She'll deliver your vision while transforming your tresses.


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