The best of beauty podcasts: Which are worth a listen

As a podcaster and a beauty editor, I'd be hard-pressed to find a piece of content more perfect for me than beauty podcasts. Here are the ones I think are worth a listen.

I'm podcast obsessed. Long drive? Podcast. Background noise for work? Podcast. Not in the humour for music? Podcast. I don't mind what genre - I'll take true crime, biography, music, history or indeed, beauty.

Honest, relatable and fun, these four are my ultimate faves when it comes to beauty listening.

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The Beauty Podcast with Sali Hughes

Sali Hughes' beauty knowledge is astounding, and although the podcast is brand new, her first guests Caroline Hirons and Sam Farmer made for fascinating listening and so I can't wait for more from her.

beauty podcasts

At Home With... by Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton

While it's not strictly a beauty podcast, some of the biggest names in the beauty industry have featured, (Lisa Eldridge, Alexia Inge, Jules Von Hep, Liz Earle and Tanya Burr) as well as some incredibly successful media people like Jo Elvin, former Glamour Magazine editor.

beauty podcasts

Full Coverage: The beauty podcast


Full Coverage is a podcast by make-up artist Harriet Hadfield and beauty lover Lindsey Kelk. Guests include my fave Caroline Hirons and Dr. Murad, the creator of the eponymous skincare range.

beauty podcasts

Beauty from the Heart with Rose Gallagher

Rose is a beauty blogger who has the loveliest manner on her Instagram stories. She documents her rosacea, her love of It Cosmetics (she's even become an ambassador) and more, so when I heard she'd started a podcast I knew her soothing lilt would be a pleasure to listen to - and it is!

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