The best beauty habit to adopt while away on holiday

Time for a new beauty habit to form! Your beauty habits don't necessarily need to change when you're on holiday, but you do have more time for beautifying, so it's good to take full advantage of the time and the weather...

You know that holiday? The one where you're lazing by the pool for a literal 8-hour shift, followed by a leisurely dinner that's positively pool-adjacent? Those kind of trips away are the best for catching up on some beauty centric self-care, and these are the three things I make sure I do while sunning myself.

Beauty habit: Start masking

Dipping in and out of the pool is the ideal time (and probably the most important time - hello chlorine!) to do some hair masks - you're wet already, you're lazing around with wet hair and there's an outdoor shower nearby for all your rinsing needs. What's not to love? Try this marula oil and biotin one from Shea Moisture for super healthy post-hol hair.


beauty habit

Shea Moisture SuperFruit Complex Masque

€17.95 from

Beauty habit: Moisturise like mad

Have you ever noticed that when you come home from holiday, your skin feels good? It's a combination of the vitamin D from the sun, the constant application of SPF and maybe even the gritty sand sloughing off some skin.

Why not amp those effects up with a really rich body lotion, something made for smoothing, to get double the softness upon your return home? I've been using this one just recently to combat bumpy lumpy backs of legs and arms, and it's been great so far.

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Cerave SA Smoothing Cream

€20 from

Beauty habit: Bare the nails and toes

The natural inclination is to get a fresh manicure and pedicure before you go away - a Shellac or Gelish three-week one so that you don't need to worry about chips. But really, something I love to do when on holiday is go bare-toed and bare-nailed.

Get a good nail strengthener and paint that on if you must, but let the hydration and sunshine help make your nails stronger too. Sure who'd be lookin' at you anyway?

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Essie Strong Start Base Coat


€12.99 from

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