My Benefit brow experience: before and after

It’s true what they say, a good brow really can make or break your entire beauty look - in terms of breaking, I can personally vouch for this. The days of over-plucked, Cruella Deville-esque brows are out and much to everyone's delight - thick, full and natural brows are back in. Although I’ll admit I’ve had my fair share of mismatched and seriously neglected brows, (as you can clearly see from the images below) I certainly won’t let this happen again. Benefit’s very own national brow artist Katie Tiernan treated me and my brows to a well overdue consultation and treatment, and needless to say did not disappoint.

Benefit's signature technique is to create a brow that is customised to your face shape and bone structure, ending in a result that completely flatters your face. There are four different brow styles to choose from, including five separate steps to create the finished look. Katie knew exactly what she was talking about and remained confident and steady throughout the treatment. I didn't even need to tell her my brow-style preference, she knew with one glance!

Benefit has been brow mapping since the beginning of time, well 1976 in this case, so they know what they’re doing. Katie used a unique tool developed by the pros at Benefit to map each brow. She measured three separate spots on my face that correlated with where the beginning of my brow should start, where the arch should naturally rise, and where my brow should end, much to my delight (and surprise) my eyebrows were perfectly placed.



Getting my eyebrows tinted was definitely a first for me. Benefit specialise in brow tinting in their boutiques, by using a custom-blend tint especially developed for the eye area that will take to even the finest hairs, leaving behind eye-defining arches and luscious looking lashes you never knew you had. Just a hint of tint is all you need to add a little oomph to your arch or length to any lash. This is a must-have service for anyone looking to get fuller looking frames for their face!

Shaping the brow from below instantly creates a more lifted look by removing the excess hairs. Katie trimmed my eyebrow hairs to adjust and balance to the brows, then waxed any remaining hairs, both below and above the brows. This allowed the brows to shape proportionally, highlighting the natural features of the face, especially my eyes. One thing Katie made sure to remind me is that our brows are sisters and not to treat them as arched enemies.

“Brow shaping is the easiest thing someone can do to open the eye, frame their face & polish their overall look!”

To style my brows, Katie went with The Natural Brow Style, which is all about clean fluid lines along the perimeter of the brow with smooth rounded edges that create a soft, well-groomed look. For this style, waxing or tweezing is key to clean up the unwanted fuzz and vellus hairs to accentuate the natural brow shape. To create a natural wash of colour throughout the brow shape, Katie used four separate products. First, she used the Browvo conditioner primer, which is worn as a primer to enhance and extend the wear of other brow products. The conditioning formula contains keratin and soy proteins, known to help brows look thicker, healthier and fuller. Next, she used Precisely, my brow pencil in shade 4.5 to create a natural wash of colour and believable hairlike strokes. To achieve brow volume & texture, Katie added Benefits cult favourite Gimme Brow+ volumizing eyebrow gel in shade 3. Last but not least, to lock in the brows, Katie used a “hairspray” 24hr brow setter, and I can assure you my brows were intact for 24hrs if not more!


Benefit Brow & Beauty’s Bars are a one-stop Beauty Shop for all things make-up & services. Treat yourself to one of their signature services, their beauty experts will wow your brows, get you glowing and so much more. You’ll leave looking & feeling more gorgeous than ever before...

You can also download the Benefit Wow Brows app now from the app store to book in for your next brow service; you’ll find plenty of treats and tips inside!


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