I had the Benefit brow experience and here’s how it went

I haven’t had my brows groomed in eight weeks; maybe even longer than that. Hairs as long as my lashes are sprouting near my temples and along my brow bone; not to mention I have a unibrow Tarzan would be proud of. I'm in need of TLC; where better to go than Benefit.

Entering the baby-pink salon on South William Street in Dublin, I’m greeted by Katie Tiernan, Benefit Cosmetics’ national brow artist. Her warm demeanour puts me at ease; she’s confident and knows exactly what she’s talking about. My brows are in safe hands, for sure. I briefly fill her in on my brow history (from overplucking in the noughties to drawing them on), and she reassures me, "Our signature technique creates a customized brow for your face shape and bone structure. It’s an individualized brow shape that flatters your face." Phew.

I’m asked to read and sign their Benefit release form detailing the ins and outs of the treatment; including patch test and aftercare information. Knowledge is power; you can’t beat knowing what to expect and how to best protect your treatment results. Katie also tests the temperature of the wax against the palm of my hand to ensure it’s not too hot. It isn’t. So far, so good.

Next comes Brow Mapping. "We have been brow mapping since the beginning of time, which in our case was 1976," Katie says. "It's our three-step custom technique for finding your perfect shape." Using my nose and lips as a reference, she marks out the points where my brow should start, arch, and end. "Once the marks are placed, we carefully fill in the brow with Brow Zings, our shaping and taming toolkit, to create a fully balanced brow that’s uniquely you."

Benefit Brows


Then comes the tint. "Everyone's brow is filled with soft, fine vellus hair that, when tinted, can create fuller thicker brows instantly." Just a hint of tint is all it takes to add oomph to the arch and length. Once my fair hairs are dyed brown, it's time to trim and shape.

My brows are prepped with a chamomile oil to create a barrier between my skin and the hair. This reduces the pull on my skin when the hairs are being waxed off; reducing pain. The waxing is almost pain-free. I’m someone whose eyes water from the pain of threading, but I didn’t shed a single tear during this wax treatment. "At Benefit, we always begin shaping the brow from below. It instantly creates a more lifted look by removing the excess hairs that hinder the shape and weigh the eye area down." Katie adds, "We always wax while sitting upright; allowing us to shape the brow in proportion to how your features naturally fall, instead of laying lying down or stretching out the skin." 

The final step is styling. While Benefit offers a variety of styles including straight brows and feathered brows, I opt for the natural look. "Our natural brow style is all about clean, fluid lines along the perimeter of the brow with smooth, rounded edges. This creates a soft, well-groomed look," Katie says. "For this style, waxing or tweezing is key to clean up unwanted fuzz and vellus hairs; accentuating the natural brow shape."

Looking in the mirror, my brows are immaculately groomed and perfectly shaped (even if I do say so myself). My skin is slightly pink from where the hair was removed, but Katie soothes it with aloe before applying a light layer of Benefit concealer. “No one will know where you’ve been,” she says.

All customers are offered a make-up service following their brow treatment (which I happily accepted) to complete their overall look. "Our beauty experts will 'wow' your brows, get you glowing, and so much more. You’ll leave looking and feeling more gorgeous than ever before."

Download the Benefit Wow Brows app now from the app store to book in for your next brow service; you’ll find plenty of treats and tips inside!

Until May 28th, Benefit Cosmetics are donating the proceeds of every brow wax to Look Good Feel Better and Daisyhouse Ireland, as part of their Bold is Beautiful campaign. Book in before then and help to give 100%, so women can be 100%.


Photo: Jonas Svidras, Unsplash

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