Behind The Beauty Blogger: 13 Questions With Suzanne Jackson

Our Business of Beauty Awards are looming ever closer and this week, we're chatting to each of the faces behind the hugely successful blogs in our Best Irish Beauty Blogger category.?Suzanne Jackson of tells us about the highs and lows of six years in the?blogging industry, shares her tips for the ultimate selfie and?talks Instagram filters and beauty idols.

1. Why did you start blogging?

I set up SoSueMe back in the summer of 2010 because I realised there was a gap in the market. I loved reading the international blogs but there weren't any Irish ones so I decided to set one up myself.

At the time, I was working as an office manager in 98FM/Spin 103, and because it was a media environment, every day was fun and exciting. Celebrities were a common sight in the office, and invitations to film premieres and after-parties were plentiful. One day it occurred to me that I had great content for a blog. It was at that moment SoSueMe was born and it's been going from strength to strength ever since.

2. What's your star sign?


Technically I'm a Libra because I was born on October 22nd but Scorpio starts from October 23rd and when I read the characteristics of each, I'm definitely more of a Scorpio though I do have my Libra traits!

3. Which post has been your most successful?

To date, my engagement post has been my most successful. It got close to 100,000 views!

Bio pic of Suzanne

4. Tell us about your biggest blogging disaster.

Luckily I have never had a blogging disaster. I made plenty of mistakes, though! That comes with the territory of being the first in any industry - you're going to make loads of mistakes. On the upside, those who recently joined the blogging scene have been able to learn from my mistakes and avoid making them too.

5. Favourite Instagram filter?


I love the filter ?Clarendon? because it makes my images look bright and crisp. They're more vivid with that filter I think. I used to love Valencia but Clarendon is now my favourite!

Shoot day {hair by @ami_freelance_hairstylist // makeup by @makeupbyfiona___mua {my nail colour is "Ocean Breeze" from my S\S 16}

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6. Ultimate selfie tip?

Lighting. It's all about lighting with any selfie. The right light can make skin look fresh and bright as well as make your eyes pop.

7. Which social media platform do you loathe?

Twitter is probably my least favourite because in my opinion it's more of a platform for text rather than visuals. I love images which is why I am hooked on the likes of Snapchat and Instagram.

8. Social bad habits which grind your teeth?


I don't like people who talk over others, and who don't enjoy a glass of wine!

9. Best piece blogging advice you wish you knew when you started out?

There're two things I wish I had known:

The more successful the blog, the more likely it is to attract negativity and nasty comments. Sometimes these comments will be on a very?personal level. Rise above it and always remember that a person's remarks say more about them than it does about the person they're commenting on.

Not everyone has the best of intentions. Some people will use you and ride your train and turn out to be the complete opposite of who you thought they were.


10. Who is your beauty idol?

In terms of a beauty icon, I love Victoria Beckham. She has the perfect life balance of being a great mother and a successful businesswoman. In terms of an icon in the beauty business, I would definitely say Marissa Carter. She went from owning her own salon to creating an internationally successful tanning range that is still going from strength to strength. I have huge admiration for Marissa.

11. Favourite hot beverage?

Barry's Tea. Not too strong. Two sugars and loads of milk!

12. Favourite cool beverage?

A can of Coca-Cola.

13. Do you think there is a transparency issue in the Irish blogging community?


I really don't see an issue with bloggers being paid for their work as long as they are giving their honest opinion. I feel that there is an issue with people who promote something just for money. I don't think it is right for anyone to recommend a product in exchange for money. I have often turned down big deals or offers because I didn't personally like or believe in the products/brands I was being asked to promote. I will never recommend something if I don't personally like it myself.

Integrity and honesty have always meant a lot to me, and I think that's why readers trust the reviews on SoSueMe and that's why my blog has survived for six years. The readers know I have trialled and tested the product at length and that I am giving my honest opinion. If I don't like a product, I won't feature it.

Lace love! ?? A Dress I wore in the Maldives and I still love it... it's from Missguided& I think it may still be in stock??

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With regard to transparency, I didn't see an issue with it in the beginning because early bloggers like myself all had a great passion for the industry. That's why we were doing it. I do see it now, though. A lot of bloggers are in it solely for the money and will recommend anything for a pay cheque.

That's not what I'm about. I'm not going to ruin six years of building the SoSueMe brand, just for money.

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