Behind The Beauty Blogger: 13 Questions With Joanne Larby

Our Business of Beauty Awards are looming ever closer and this week, we're chatting to each of the faces behind the hugely successful blogs in our Best Irish Beauty Blogger?category. Today, Joanne Larby, AKA The Make Up Fairy?tells us about a near heart-stopping blog disaster, social habits that grind her gears and why Instagram filters aren't her favourite.

1. Why did you start blogging?

I was working as a professional MUA and teacher and wanted to gain new clients, build my brand and express my thoughts and passions in an online community I already loved following. I also wanted to practise my writing and showcase my sense of style, sharing body confidence tips along the way.

2. What's your star sign?



3. Which post has been your most successful?

My top three posts include my article on anxiety, meal planning and an at home ab workout.

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4. Tell us about your biggest blogging disaster.

My website was hacked last year and it caused a lot of issues for myself and my poor web designer. I genuinely thought I was going to lose over 2,000 of the articles I had collated, thankfully all was sorted and I have extra security on the site.


5. Favourite Instagram filter?


I tend to use editing apps outside of Instagram for more specific light and contrast options. I have a full chapter on these tips and tricks in my book.

6. Ultimate selfie tip?

Stand in front of a large window so the daylight can work it's magic on your face, and angle the phone slightly above your head facing down to get the most flattering angle.

7. Which social media platform do you loathe?

I find Facebook tends to attract the most negative debates and people tend to use it to moan instead of keeping it for positive, creative updates.


8. Social bad habits which grind your teeth?


Haters, internet trolls and hate of any kind. Don't hide behind your phone or laptop; simply unfollow anyone you feel like attacking.

9. Best piece of blogging advice you wish you knew when you started out?

To begin on Wordpress instead of Blogger because the transfer process was tedious. I was also never aware of how influential blogging would be or that it would lend itself to being my own boss; if I had known I would have started sooner!

10. Who is your beauty idol?

I don't have one specific idol when it comes to fashion or beauty but at the moment, Gigi Hadid can do no wrong in terms of a flawless face.

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11. Favourite hot beverage?


Starbucks Mocha.

12. Favourite cool beverage?

Starbucks Mocha Frappe for a treat during the Summer or ice cold water for every day.

13. Do you think there is a transparency issue in the Irish blogging community?

I think it's up to individual how they handle the above, I've always been honest with my followers about the brands I love and simply wouldn't share anything I dislike.

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