Behind The Beauty Blogger: 13 Questions With Jen Morris Of

Our Business of Beauty Awards are looming ever closer and this week, we're chatting to each of the faces behind the hugely successful blogs in our Best Irish Beauty Blogger?category. Today, Jen Morris?of successful blog posts, YouTube disasters?and what she uses instead of Instagram filters...

1. Why did you start blogging?


I had a keen interest in beauty, and I wanted to share my opinions with the world! I just loved reading blogs, so the next step was to write one.

2. What's your star sign?

It depends where you look! I'm either the last day of Pisces or the first day of Aquarius.

3. Which post has been your most successful?

My most successful post to date has been the "24 things I've learned at 24."

4. Tell us about your biggest blogging disaster.

My first YouTube video, it was so cringe! I have since taken it down but I'm sure it's floating around the?web somewhere (the horror).


5. Favourite Instagram filter?

I don't use the Instagram filters, I prefer FaceTune.

6. Ultimate selfie tip?

Good lighting is key.

7. Which social media platform do you loathe??

Periscope! I get the appeal but it's just not for me.

?8. Social bad habits which grind your teeth?

When someone is staring at their phone while you're taking to them.


?9. Best piece blogging advice you wish you knew when you started out?

Don't try to copy other bloggers! They have successfully found their niche, find your niche. Go with it and be yourself.

?10. Who is your beauty idol?

I am obsessed with Lisa Eldridge.

?11. Favourite hot beverage?


12. Favourite cool beverage?

Pepsi Max.

13. Do you think there is a transparency issue in the Irish blogging community?

I definitely think there is, and I think a lot is going to change in the coming year.?It's not a problem with 100% of the blogging community but I unfortunately?everyone usually gets tarred with the same brush.


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