This Is Beauty At Brown Thomas With Jennifer Rock

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Jennifer Rock aka The Skin-Nerd,?is coming to Brown Thomas?in Galway on October 21st, for?what is due to be two sellout sessions.

Jennifer?is one of Ireland's top skincare experts. Her website serves as an online education and advice forum for people looking for unbiased advice on a huge range of topics, from basic skincare tips?to finding suitable brands for their skin, all the way up to those looking for tailored advice on how to handle acute skincare conditions. Jennifer is an award-winning aesthetician, facialist, and international skin lecturer, so suffice to say she knows her stuff, and administers her advice with a great dose of humour and authenticity, thus gaining her legions of fans. Along with her team of online 'Nerdettes', Jennifer has disrupted the beauty industry in Ireland by bringing unbiased advice and beauty wisdom back into the hands (and bathrooms) of the people.

If you follow ?The Skin Nerd?on Instagram (if not, why not!), you will know that her entire vibe is one of keeping it real. She completely'de-mystifies, not only the beauty industry but also skin itself, frequently talking about how to break through skin conditions and what products and techniques to use to help. All delivered with her trademark wit and wisdom.

For her two sessions in Brown Thomas, Galway, Jennifer will be talking about a huge range of topics, including hero products for Irish complexions, the importance of cleansing, the benefits of serums (and which are the best ones), and how we should be caring for our skin throughout the winter.

Attendees will be armed with newfound skincare knowledge, and a long Santa list, after this event.


What:?Jennifer Rock Skin Masterclass followed by Q&A.
When: Saturday, October 21st?at 12pm & 2pm.
Where: Brown Thomas, Galway, for a beauty event, followed by a meet and greet and goody bags.


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