Beauty Tutorial: How To Do Glossy Eyelids

Last October, as we took notes on what the fashion houses said we would be wearing this spring/summer 17, we saw Nina Ricci, Altuzarra, Balmain and more had switched up the high gloss pout for eye gloss.

Think less sweaty and sticky; more smudged, smoky and seductive.

It takes a little bit more than a swab of Vaseline on the crease of your lids too. Looking effortless takes effort, but once you have the appropriate products, it's easy enough to do.


Alluring and slick as the glossy eye is, this is gonna slide, so start with an eyeshadow primer to act as a smooth base. A primer won't completely stop it from budging but that's okay; an imperfect wet-look that looks a bit lived-in is what you're going for.

For the lazy girl's guide to the perfect summer beauty hack, try the wet-eyed look with a natural, dewy and bronzed face, using cream blusher, brushed out brows and get glossy-eyed without being sticky with a dab of the truly multipupose Dr. Paw Paw Original Balm on bare lids. Or you could switch up the matte-eye-glossy-lip look with a matte, burnt orange lipstick and go for a peachy, glistening eye with Dr. Paw Paw Tinted Peach Pink Balm, available in Penneys in Dublin in pocket-size.

For a more elevated look, glossy eyelids look most refined when worn with intense eyeshadows: metallic coppers, deep burgundies and chocolate browns. Sweep your lids and lower lash line with your chosen shade and before you start glossing, apply lashes of volumising mascara.

Start glossing by using fingertips to apply the product created for this very look: the Yves Saint Laurent Eye Gloss Smudger - a non-sticky texture that can be used on top of any eyeshadow to create a glossy top coat. This can also be applied to cheekbones and brow bones if you're a fan of a dewy, glowing complexion.


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Another product perfect for this look is the MAC Mixing Medium Shine. It's a colourless, wax-based mixer that can be used as a customisable shiny look for the eyes, lips, face or body. Use your fingertips to press this into the eyelid.

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For the unfinished, messy-on-purpose, grungy glossy eye, smudge up your liner with your lipgloss, or go for a metallic liner and keep your gloss separate by applying it to the centre of your eyelid using a fingertip and blending outwards.

Don't be too precious about your eyes smudging - there's no perfect version of this look. And once you don't end up looking like you have conjunctivitis, it actually looks a bit better when it's messy. Check yourself in the mirror and rub away any bleeding gloss, and to tidy up any shadow or liner that's gathering in creases, you can just pat more gloss into place. Simple


Featured Image: @mua_susu

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