Beauty School: The Benefits Of A Career In Beauty

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While a 9 to 5 office job has its merits, there's scarce a person who hasn't dreamed of taking that leap of faith and doing their own thing. Answering to nobody but yourself, choosing your own hours and doing something that you're passionate about? For most, it's a no-brainer. If it's a change of pace you're after, or you simply want to add more income to your bank account while maintaining your 40 hour week, more and more women are dipping their toes in the world of beauty. From spray tanning to Shellac nails, HD brows to hair extensions, the demand for these fixer upper treatments has never been greater, meaning there's always money to be made for the industrious among us.

Particularly popular in Ireland, once an Irish woman tries eyelash extensions, for example, she'll never be without them from there on in. So, if you've done a sterling job applying them, you'll have repeat clients time and time again. It's simple; it's instantly gratifying, and everybody wins. Sometimes though, the idea of branching out is quite daunting; finding the time, the money and the confidence to take a beauty course on can be difficult but with the likes of Bronwyn Conroy, offering all kinds of courses for all kinds of schedules, your long-pondered career move is almost instantly within reach.

Just this weekend, we tried our hands at their eyelash extension course, in an attempt to add a new skill and string to our bow and find out what it's like for women who are determined to carve out their own niche.


In short, we had a brilliant day. From the teacher Suzanne's hands-on approach to the guidance and help throughout the training, we adored that feeling of being back in a classroom. It's been so long since we had the opportunity to absorb the kind of information we're actually interested in (unlike our school days) and put it to use, not just for our own enjoyment but as something with which you could start a business of your own. For those who are considering this course, don't make the mistake we made in assuming that it's as easy as applying mascara. On your first application, it will take you three hours to apply a set, and it's unlikely you'll achieve a full set. Suzanne is quick to reassure you though that the course day is all about learning the technique and getting comfortable with the tools; your speed will come later. Though at first you might be a little nervous, it becomes almost therapeutic and whatever worries may have crowded your head before you got down to it, were far, far away. You're completely absorbed in the task at hand and best of all? You've got yourself a happy client at the end who can now enjoy quite the confidence boost with their new, natural lashes. Keep them happy and they'll come back for more.

Following this intensive one-day course, each student is to submit photos of eight case studies, (photos of before and after clients sent by email or even WhatsApp to your teacher will suffice). Then, your first application on day one, coupled with the eight in case studies and one final application back in the school at the next available opportunity (wherein Suzanne can check up on your progress) makes for a total of ten, after which you'll be given your cert. From here, it's up to you; keep it as a skill you use on friends and family, venture out on your own with a lash extension business or consider what other skills you can add to your resum?.


It's a world where you're constantly learning; there will always be exciting new techniques, trends, and further opportunities to enhance your skills. You could even couple a lash course with a brow course down the line. The team at Bronwyn Conroy recommend that if you're hoping to make a decent income, you should aim for two beauty skills.

So, the next time you get an earful over a misfiled report at the office, give your options some thought.

The one day eyelash extension course at Bronwyn Conroy costs €395, complete with all the tools you need to do ten case studies and you can be expected to make €50 per client when you're up and running.

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