Beauty Review: Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Night and Eye Creams

As a result of my instagram competition and giveaway, Nicola Long (instagram @nicniclong) won Charlotte Tilbury skincare goodies to trial for Below is her personal review!

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Rescue Cream, €120 and Magic Eye Rescue, €55 are both available from Brown Thomas Dublin and BT2 Dundrum.

As a beauty fiend, I usually tear open new products eager to get inside but there is nothing quite like the Charlotte Tilbury packaging to make you pause to take it all in. They are so pretty that you almost don't want to unwrap them, only almost! I can start by saying I was already a fan of the brand so I began this trial of the new magic eye rescue cream and the magic night rescue cream with high hopes. With a clean face and fresh pyjamas for the occasion I sat down in front of the mirror on the first night and took my time with both products, following the application instructions that come on the packing. I applied the eye cream by patting it on lightly with my ring finger and instantly loved how quickly it absorbed. I have sensitive skin around my eyes and the cream felt refreshing and moisturising without feeling heavy on my pores. Over the two weeks of use, I definitely noticed I was brighter eyed and therefore on to a winner.

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I next applied the night cream. I have recently been drawn to oils for my skin before bed and this is very much a rich texture cream, somewhat like Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour cream mixed with moisturising cream. The thick texture encourages you to follow Charlotte's face massage techniques as you really have to work it into the skin and I noticed that taking the time to do this helped my skin feel plumper and was a relaxing process. The only thing is that it does not absorb fully so my boyfriend and pillow cases were not so happy with my sticky face going to bed. I decided the next couple of nights to put it on earlier before bed to allow more time to absorb. This helped a little but even the next morning I could still feel it. After washing my face I was left with very soft skin beneath, so I knew it was working. I am lucky to have very clear skin but by the end of the first week I had some pimples on my forehead so I feel that this cream is too much for my skin to use every night. Going forward I will keep up the massage techniques but only use this in cold weather and during/after flights, much like 8-hour cream. The eye cream on the other hand is one I will be happily continuing with on a nightly basis.

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