The beauty products every Fashion Week model carries with her

With hundreds of shows to do, make-up going on and coming off multiple times, hair being treated and skin being tested, what products do models rely on during the busiest week of their careers?

You might imagine the life of a Fashion Week model as being full of glamour, celebrity and pampering. But in reality?

Models describe it almost like going into battle, saying they take vitamins, try to rest as much as possible between shows and steer clear of partying where possible. They report becoming unwell often, suffering with colds and exhaustion, and they say that they don't have time for much self-care.

Model beauty essentials

There are a few beauty essentials that models always seem to have to hand, for various reasons, when shuttling around from show to show and city to city. Here they are and here are the reasons they're as iconic as the models using them.


The cream

Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre, €22

I've been around my fair share of make-up artists over the years, and I am yet to find one who doesn't carry this in their kit. It locks in moisture, gives a stunning glow, protects the skin while also being a super base for make-up to go on.

The lip balm

Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm, €11.95


A good lip balm is key to avoid getting dry, chapped lips - a veritable nightmare for make-up artists to work on. Lip balm can also double as a skin protector for the sensitive area around the nostrils, and can help soothe cuticles too - a real double jobber.

The cleanser

Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micellar Water, €11.50

Being able to easily and safely remove all kinds of make-up is an essential for models. This one is the French pharmacy best-seller that all the models use when running from show to show. It doesn't need to be rinsed and is suitable for the most sensitive skin.

The toner


Biologique Recherche P50 Toner (not available to buy without consultation)

One of the world's most exclusive and prestigious brands, Biologique Recherche HQ in Paris is THE place for models to retreat to after Fashion Week has done a number on their skin. The brand is known particularly for this P50 Lotion which is an acid toner that gives a glow and a balance back to the skin that's unparalleled.

The hair mask

Davines Nounou Hair Mask, €24

Imagine having your hair aggressively styled multiple times a day? Can you imagine the literal headache that that would be, nevermind the resulting brittle, over-processed state your hair would be in. The Nounou mask by Davines (pronounced dah-vee-ness, apparently) is ideal for protecting and repairing hair in this condition.

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