Beauty you should NOT try at home (don't say we didn't warn you)

There are some beauty rituals you should not try at home. Yes, even if you're starting to resemble someone who looks nothing like you normally. Trust me, I've learned the lessons so you don't have to

There are quite a few beauty rituals you can keep up while in self-isolation, should you want to. I know I've been doing lots of them, in a bid to distract myself from the inevitable anxiety this pandemic has brought on. But there are some things that it's worth talking yourself out of. These are the main ones.

Don't cut your own fringe

You'll mess it up. You WILL. Unless you're a hairdresser, in which case, chop away! But if you're not in the elite hair world, please. Put the scissors down. Embrace temporary bangs, and let your stylist know you're coming in a while when this all calms back down.


Don't turn to box dye (unless it's what you always use)

If you use box dye all the time and are blessed with hair that responds well, I am both jealous and considerably poorer than you. If you pay a lot of money regularly for hair colour? Leave. It. Alone. Roisin Malone (@roisinmalonebridal on Instagram) says: "Don't turn to box dye. Just don't do it. You could cause more work for your hairdresser if you do, it could end up costing you hundreds in colour correction."

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Don't peel off gel polish

There are so many tutorials out there showing you exactly how to remove gel polish at home via buffing, soaking and gently pushing it off. Peeling can take layers of nail off that are not meant to be removed, so tread carefully with this one or face a lot of potential damage.

Things you can do...

Now, as I mentioned yesterday, is a great time to swap to natural deodorant. It's also a good time to up your retinol use, as less time outside means less exposure to the sun, and also, if your skin peels a little, you don't have to necessarily put make-up on it or face anyone with a slightly peel-y face.



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Another thing, as advised by @MINKDublin on Instagram Stories, is to cut your nails short, file them, use cuticle oil and let them recover and get back to health while gel polish and acrylic is temporarily off the table.

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