Beauty Heroes: The Best In Liquid And Pencil Eyeliners

When it comes to pencil and liquid liners, they're the kind of beauty product you find, fall in love with and never part ways from. Unlike lipsticks or eyeshadow shades, when you've found your dream liner, you tend not to go dabbling in other brands and you might even shed a tear when you inevitably run out. Such products become handbag heroes and below, we've rounded up our all time favourites for slick fool-proof lines and smudge-free satisfaction.

1. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink.
There's a reason this cult classic is always winning awards. It's brilliant. Those who are prone to tears or getting caught in the rain needn't worry; this bad boy ain't going nowhere for 12 solid hours. When used with the finest of eyeliner brushes, you've got lots of control here. The quality of an eyeliner with the ease of a gel. The only trouble is choosing what shade's for you. We adore the blackest of blacks but you could always opt for Indigo Ink or Violet Ink for something a little more adventurous. €24

Screen shot 2015-09-16 at 14.39.23

2. Urban Decay Glide-On Eye Pencil in Perversion.
When it comes to a pencil eyeliner that doesn't disappear after two to three blinks, you need look no further than Urban Decay's show-stopping, extremely black and incredibly durable offering. Unlike so many other pencil eyeliners, this delivers maximum impact, strong pigment and believe us when we tell you it will last all day long. €19

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3. MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack.
You'll never go wrong with M?A?C Fluidline in Blacktrack. €20. Like Bobbi Brown's, this is an ultra-smooth gel formula that provides the precision of a liquid liner with a silkier, softer finish. It could not be easier to use when paired with the right brush. Whether you want the thinnest of lines or a full on cat-flick, this product won't let you down. Just make extra sure that you're always popping the lid back on to save your product drying out. Pencil wise from M?A?C, we've been very impressed with their Technakohl liner (?18) which is a mechanical pencil-style liner. In formula, it's soft and creamy with an intense, rich, color deposit. Blends on application but dries quickly to a long-wear, non-smudge finish. Perfect for those who fear a liquid liner. €20


4. IMAGE Magazine Editor Rosie McMeel touts Maybelline's Eye Studio Lasting Drama as her ultimate in eyeliner heroes.
"I've tried countless eyeliners over the years and always return to this one for it's incredible staying power - it doesn't gravitate to my lids after a couple of hours, like almost every other liner on the market. It also competes just as well, if not better than liners that are twice the price and even includes a free brush. The point is very flexible, so it's easy to apply and manipulate, depending on how dramatic you want the results to be. It's a great option for those lacking confidence in application, but once you master it, you'll never look back." €11.99


5. Editorial Director Laura George remains loyal to her Est?e Lauder Automatic Eye Pencil Duo Refill.
"For the last 20 years, this has been my go to; it's got real all day staying power and the tip never breaks off as it winds up and down. You use the same wand over and over and just replace the cartridges now and then (I also use the cartridges on their own sometimes to save space on hiking trips or in an evening bag). It's so easy to steer you could put it on at a traffic light- just don't expect super sharp flicks." €12.50


6. L?Or?al Paris Super Liner in Black Lacquer is Senior Editor Jeanne Sutton's latest must-have.
"I heard some really fab things about this on Twitter and wanted a cheap fix as my luxe reliable needed binning, and I tend only to invest in pricey make-up when going through the airport. Click and Collect services should be your sensible ghost of Christmas future 2015. Super Liner comes in some really intense black shades and does feel fabulously oil slicky on application. It takes a while to dry, so schedule that in when getting ready in a rush. Also, bear in mind it's a felt tip, which needs a steadier hand than others. As regards longevity, it takes ages to budge, so keep a good cleanser bedside. I find Lancome's Bi-Facil is worth the investment, usually flying just under the €30 marks, as it's stress-free, works immediately and won't irritate the skin." €17.50



7. Tom Ford's Eye Defining Liquid Pen is Editor Ellie Balfe's eye-lining saviour.
"My one and only is the Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen. It's a genius double ended liner tool that draws two separate effects with each nib. One draws a thicker line, the other, thin. I love that each end is an actual brush as opposed to a felt tip nib, as they tend to clog for me really quickly. Real bristles give me lots more control to draw a good flick, yet keep the line balanced and without bumps. The product inside is as black as kohl and it never fades, transfers or cracks throughout the day or night. Once I first used this little lining beauty, I knew I'd never go back." €53


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