As a beauty founder, what's your night-time beauty routine?

Lucy McPhail, founder and CEO of Fetch Beauty, wasn't always involved in the beauty industry. She started out as a fashion buyer in Dublin before making the big switch. She spent six years working in Dublin before moving to London in 2012 to become an international womenswear buyer at Harrods. After two years in their fashion department, Lucy moved to beauty. Here her remit stretched from some of the largest beauty brands in the world to incubating niche doctor-led brands from concept stage to global launches. It was the integrity and innovation in these niche beauty brands which gave Lucy the idea to launch Fetch Beauty.

Fetch is a content and retail platform for all things luxury beauty. It ships globally and is already home to some of the most innovative niche beauty brands in the world. It's fast becoming a globally recognized platform for leading the way in what’s relevant in skin and beauty innovation. Lucy will be speaking about her career move at our next IMAGE Young Businesswoman's Forum on 17th July, but before then, she sat down to tell us about her night-time beauty routine.

I’m maid of honour for my best friend Aoife in 10 days, time so my current night time routine is pretty serious at the moment. I want my skin to look glowing and I don’t want to waste a moment having to touch up my makeup. In order to have my skin looking its very best I’ve been adding some additional steps as well as increasing my supplements. I also plan to not have any alcohol and try and avoid sugar till the wedding (also partly in solidarity with my best pal - the bride to be). To most people this will seem like a lot of products but it is also part of my job to try beauty products as we invest in each product so it has to exceed expectations or it doesn’t make the edit.

To start I double cleanse. I’m currently using the Alex Carro Gel Cleanser to remove my makeup. I use a Lauren Napier Flaunt wipe if I’ve done a heavy makeup or going to the gym. I follow this with the Kypris Cleanser Concentrate. I use a fresh face cloth every day and just throw them in the wash after my evening cleanse.


I then move on to a treatment essence and I’m currently using the Nuori Vital Essence. It just gives an extra layer of hydration and allows the products to sink in better. I’ve got a few breakouts looming so I’m currently adding in the 111Skin Anti Blemish Tonic which is a range specifically formulated to help problem skin for adults. With both these steps I apply directly to my hand then my face – if you use a cotton pad you’ll use up more product.

I then use the Lancer Eye Contour it’s great for improving puffiness, dark circles and keeps my under eyes line free… so far anyway!

I then move on to my serum. I’ve been trying out a few new ones but with the wedding coming up I’m back to Hyalo Plasma from Perricone MD. It’s such an incredible formula and I really see the difference when using it.


For night time I’ve been using the 111Skin NACY2 Nocturnal Eclipse Recovery Cream. It’s one of the most transformative products I’ve ever use. Specifically, I’m using it for pigmentation and loss of volume.

I’ve been adding a drop of James Read H2O into my night moisturiser every second night to give a nice glow in the morning.

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