Beauty Confidence Begins At Age 30

It might be natural to assume that women feel their highest levels of confidence in terms of their looks in their twenties, but according to the latest research, women feel the most confident about how they look once they hit 30.

In a survey conducted by Lanc'me, research found that 30 was the optimum age women felt most confident in the way they looked, and that 29 was when they were more happy with the way their skin looked.

Happily, over two-thirds of women said that they are embracing their looks more and more as they age. Only one in five admit to having lied about their age in the past, but 43 per cent said they felt justified in taking a few years off their actual age, because they felt (and looked) younger than the figures on their birth certificates.

Well, you know what they say; you're as young as you feel!

The figures make sense, as it's usually the natural way of things that you grow more confident and comfortable in your body and your own skin, as you get older. Though this won't always be the case for everyone as typically ageing for women comes with a lot of negativity.

And to that end, it wasn't all positive, as the research also revealed that women continue to believe that there is a social stigma associated with ageing and that current perceptions associated with ageing are the same - or even worse - than they were a decade ago. Not good.


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The latest survey was conducted by Lanc'me, as part of their #LOVEYOURAGE campaign which is very positively, encouraging women to celebrate the age they are and feel more confident about it.

How confident do you feel?


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