Beauty bandwagons: The ones that were worth it, and those that weren't

Beauty bandwagons don't always turn out to be quite as 'skin changing' 'game changing' or 'life changing' as they claim to be, but some are worth the hop. Here are some that stuck.

You'll be scrolling Instagram, more than likely, when you see a new beauty 'obsession' that EVERYONE seems to be talking about - nay, raving about. And you might be taken in, only to find later that this was a beauty bandwagon rather than a here-to-stay, genuinely useful beauty game changer.

On that subject, the phrase 'game changer' is thrown around very carelessly these days when it comes to beauty, so always be on high alert for a swizz. I know I am.

Beauty bandwagons to stay on


Beauty Blenders

They're genius. Wet them, pat your foundation in, never look back. Beauty Blenders, at first glance, might've seemed like yet another unnecessary step, but they're now omnipresent and with good reason.


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Foot peelers

Just brilliant. If you haven't time for or can't afford a proper pedicure but your feet need a good seeing to, those foot peeling masks are genuinely really satisfying to do.


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Bubble masks

I tried this recently and it's totally gimmicky at first glance, but I found it really lovely on the skin, a very satisfying feeling and a good result after use.

beauty bandwagons

Go Get Your Detox Bubble Foam Sheet Mask

€8.95 from

Beauty bandwagons to jump off


LED masks - it feels like a LOT of work/effort


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Fishtail brows... Just no.


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