Bearna Natural Care Argan Oil

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It seems unlikely that a surfing trip in Morocco with a bunch of male friends would result in the launch of a natural beauty company, and yet that's what led Ronan McGuire and Ciaran O'Callaghan to create Bearna Natural Care. During their time in Morocco they discovered the rarity and benefits of argan oil and determined to bring it back to Ireland to create an all-natural and organic product that could be used for hair and skin.


The Bearna Natural Care argan oil is of a standard that works for everything, from frizzy hair and split ends, to scars and stretchmarks. We personally use it for when our hair is feeling particularly damaged and dry, and it is the bomb. Two enterprising (and unlikely) natural beauty aficionados, Ronan and Ciaran will be expanding the range for their Bearna Natural Care. If they stick with the high standards they applied to their argan oil, with its USDA and Ecocert certifications, then we can expect great things.


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Photography by Ethan Hart

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