To be real: coily curls

Enhancing the hair that nature gave you is simple when you know how to manage what you're working with. Holly O' Neill gets the experts' tips on making the most of your natural texture. 


With curl artist Saulo O’Deoraín,


What should we never do to curly hair?

Never use shampoo. Shampoo uses a high amount of detergents that strip moisture away, keeping curls frizzy and dull. Instead, use a sulphate-free cleanser or a co-wash cleanser prescribed by a curl specialist.

What three products should every curly haired woman try?

Cleanser, conditioner and gel; all three should be free from silicones, paraffin and heavy butters. Green products certainly have become more accessible throughout the years, but reading the ingredients list is the best way to ensure you’re not misguided by information online.

How can we decrease curl frizz?

A good conditioner or deep conditioner will make sure moisture is being retained. Silicones and synthetics often create a layering effect on curls, making it drier and causing frizz. Frequent cuts that respect your curl shape or the variety of them is important to give much more consistency to your curl routine as a whole.

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Originally published in IMAGE October 2018 

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