Base Beauty: Patrick Ta's Tips For Radiant Faces

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He paints the faces of the Kardashians, the Hadids (see Gigi pictured on his Instagram above), Joan Smalls and Chrissy Teigen. A red carpet make-up genius, Patrick Ta shares his tips for radiant faces.

For foundation to work for me, the overall effect is for skin to look like really great skin. The product has to be invisible, just offering a glow in the right places and working as a really great base for my make-up look. At the moment, I'm really liking tonal effects where everything complements each other. Recently, I did a red carpet look for (model) Joan Smalls, where the burgundy eye toned with the blush, which then toned with the lip. It's effortless, elegant and new.


Prep the skin with your normal regime to start with a clean face. Use micellar water for an additional cleanse - the cleaner the skin, the better and smoother the foundation will adhere to it. Moisturiser also plays a vital part.



Don't forget eye cream to tackle darkness and fine lines, and to reduce puffiness. Apply gently with the ring finger by tapping around the orbital bone, and then moisturise.


Before going any further, prep the lip area with balm so lips are soft and supple when it comes to finishing touches. For the perfect nude lip, I love Tom Ford's Sable Smoke Lip Color, €49.


Apply foundation, mainly using a brush, but also a beauty blender to get in more tricky nooks and crannies. Load the brush with product, then sweep and press it onto skin. Work from the inside out to ensure most coverage in the centre of the face - this delivers a more natural look.


Bring foundation down to the neck, so you don't have a ?floating face?.


Always choose a cream concealer one or two shades lighter to create dimension. Apply with fingers so that it melts onto the face and work in an upside-down triangle by the nose, with the wide part of the triangle under the eye and out to the temple. Apply product in a tapping motion and follow by pressing concealer in with a foundation brush.


Set everything with loose powder. My red carpet trick is to always powder around the nose, on the forehead and chin. Leave the perimeter of the face as dewy as possible.


For touch-ups during the day, use a brush rather than a powder puff, and press powder onto the nose and T-zone.


Finish with a setting mist to melt product onto the skin.


"You can train skin to absorb more moisture (which will then improve the effect of the foundation you apply). I particularly love La Mer The Renewal Oil, €185 for 30ml, for its skin-smoothing benefits. Simply apply with fingers night and day."


Patrick Ta is the global ambassador for La Mer.?

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