The AW19 brow trend I'm so relieved is finally here

The Aw19 brow is here, and to my delight, the trend is to just leave them alone. Well, not entirely. But gone are the days of 20 minute long brow applications. Here are the ways to give a little bit of assistance to the perfect AW19 brow.

Just like Kaia Gerber at Longchamp and the models at Zimmerman, Tom Ford, Prabal Gurung and so many more shows, it's fairly clear that the biggest brow trend of AW19 is brushed-up, natural, with very little filling in and proudly showing off the gaps.

Even if your brows are sparse, the tide has turned against filling in every gap, carving the brow to perfection with concealer and having a sharp line around the brow edges - so if you can't go completely without filling your brows, just take it handy.

The days of brows that are much darker than your natural hair colour are slowly coming to an end too - your brows should be no darker than your natural root colour.


AW19 brow

Achieve the AW19 brow

Thankfully, this trend is easy to achieve. You don't need many products, just a great brush and a wax or soap to keep your brows in place.AW19 brow

Soap Brows

€15 from West Barn Co

Anyone who's a fan of natural-look, brushed up brows can't go wrong with this product. It's a brow wax that grips, holds and shapes your brows so they literally will not move throughout the day.

AW19 brow


Dior No.25 Brow Brush

€26.50 from

This double-ended beauty has a super fine end for applying hair-like strokes - should you so wish. But the important part for achieving the AW19 brow is the spoolie end - it's got rough bristles that really grip the hairs and pull them up.

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