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Following on from my Autumn/ Winter 2015 fashion trend report, I'm here to bring you ?the? beauty and hair trends that'll launch you straight into the new season. Alike to clothing, you don't need to go out and spend hundreds here - many of the looks will incorporate products you may already own, and if not, drugstores offer a huge range of make-up and hair accessories to have you Naomi Campbell-ready with the click of a finger.

This season, doll eyes were huge on the catwalks - a trend that tends to linger around as it simply flatters everyone! Achieving that doll-eyed look is really easy, even for make-up newbies; focus on keeping things simple when it comes to the eyeshadow, apply at least 2 layers of mascara and wear falsies if you wish, but most importantly - use eyeliner to open your peepers up! Apply a white or a nude eyeliner in the waterline to open up the eye and apply black (or brown, if you're fairer) to your top lid in a semi-circle shape with a small flick on the end - which keeps the eyes rounded like a doll's, as opposed to cat-like.

baby dollCatwalk inspiration: Giambattista Vali, Versace and Mary Katrantzou

Barely-there makeup has been around forever but it's truly having a 'moment? this year. It works best for day-to-day casual looks but it's ideal to wear if your outfit is super-busy and you don't want to end up looking like a circus member.

Skincare is majorly important for barely-there makeup, as you want to let your skin breathe and also appear super-radiant and dewy. Mixing liquid highlighter in with your foundation sheers it out, whilst also giving you a natural glow. Applying highlighter to the high-points of the face and only mattifying the areas that truly need it (the T-zone) will have you looking like a natural goddess within minutes. Keep things like blushers and eyeliners to a minimum and choose sheer or translucent shades for your lips.


barely thereCatwalk inspiration: Chlo? and Gucci

This AW is an experimental season when it comes to eyeliner; forget your typical cat-eye and embrace using your favourite gels, pencils and pens to create something unique and playful. This trend definitely isn't to everyone's taste and can be quite scary but as they say, practise makes perfect!

You don't have to go all out with this season's eyeliner trends; instead try out a new way of wearing your favourite liner look - for example: if you typically wear a black Kohl on your waterline, switch it up to a blue or green pencil. If you like to opt for classic flicks, try drawing a square or empty flick (as in, not filled-in) on the ends of your eyes to achieve a ?high-fashion? look that'll instantly bring you from day-to-night.

playfull linerCatwalk inspiration: Anthony Vaccarello, Rochas and Fendi

Nail trends are just as popular as makeup and hair trends these days and this season there's a multitude of colours, shades and designs to choose from. AW generally means a shift to darker tones for nails, such as classic deep-reds, nearly-blacks and navies. This tradition is here to stay but don't be afraid to mix it up with nudes and metallics.

Nail art hasn't left the forefront of nail trends yet and nail artists are creating even more elaborate and avant-garde designs for catwalk shows. Nail art takes a lot of practise to conquer but start out by buying an inexpensive teeny-tiny paintbrush from a local art store and experiment with designs by dipping it into your polishes at home and seeing what you can create on a budget.

nailCatwalk inspiration: Just Cavalli, Daks and Sass & Bide


Adding that extra pizazz to your hairstyles this season comes from hair accessories, which are saviours for hiding bad hair days. Thick schoolgirl headbands, oversized bling hair clips and headscarves were seen across the catwalks and they're pretty easy to use at home (even if you're like me and not very skilled in the hair department).

Buying thick ribbons in fabric shops, instead of headbands themselves, will save you money in the long run and the colour ranges available are incredible. Becoming AW-ready couldn't be simpler when it comes to styling ribbons; clip your hair up in a messy up-do (second or third day hair will work best), wrap the ribbon around your head and knot it at the nape of your neck. Finally, clip in a diamante earring to one side of the ribbon and voila, you're ready to go!

hair accessoriesCatwalk inspiration: Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel and Prada

One of my favourite classic hairstyles to go for is a ponytail; they're an old-time favourite, take less than a minute to do and are one of the ultimate hairstyles to sport this season. Whether you like them high or low, just make sure your hair is either super-sleek or has a bundle of texture in it.

You can either leave the ponytail as is, with a quick spritz of hairspray or you can add a headscarf to amp things up a little. Likewise, using leftover ribbon from your headband look would be perfect to tie into a bow either at the top of your ponytail or at the end of a plait. Make sure to use hair ties that have no metal clasp or rubber attached to them, as they can destroy your hair and potentially rip some strands out when you're removing your ponytail.

ponytailsCatwalk inspiration: Stella McCartney and Prada

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