Autumn Nails with Essie

Well there's no avoiding it; autumn is well and truly upon us and Jack Frost is just around the corner. But as we always say here at IMAGE HQ, the change in the weather brings with it nothing but great opportunities to shake up our wardrobes and freshen up our beauty routines. It's time to ditch the corals and pastels that dominated our summer regimen and opt for the more sultry, luscious and luxurious tones that define this time of year.

And what better way to begin this transformation than with our nails? Our favourite budget brand Essie have come across with a beautiful range of colours for their Fall?2014 collection, entitled Autumn Confidential. This collection is inspired by espionage and the thrill of the chase.

As for what's in store? 'Shades so chic it's almost criminal.' You can expect rich dark chocolates, inky cobalt blues, gorgeous taupes and more that make for a serious style statement all on their own.


What we love about Essie is not only the price, at €9.99 a bottle (a steal, if you will) but the fact that they glide on as well as something that would cost far more, with a luxurious finish that doesn't chip off within five minutes of application.

The six shades are as follows: Partner in Crime (rich dark chocolate), Fall in Line (enigmatic jade green), Style Cartel (inky cobalt blue), Dress to Kilt (seductive red), The Perfect Cover Up (powerful peacock teal) and Take it Outside (punchy, fresh taupe).

The trouble is, which will you choose?

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