Atelier Cologne’s collection at The Loop is worth booking flights for

I’ve always been very particular about perfumes. I’m a lover of fragrances with a citrusy, zesty and uplifting concoction, and a gorgeous bottle, of course – like a spicy cologne cocktail, without the bitter taste. Atelier Cologne, does exactly that – and is now available at The Loop in Dublin Airport.

Atelier Cologne founders, Sylvie Ganter and Christopher Cervasel, established their brand for people who love a fresh crisp scent, but don’t want to bound themselves to traditional citrus notes, like lemon and bergamot. The unisex brand takes classic cologne and adds in rose, sandalwood and jasmine. Made in France, the chic perfume is created from 93 per cent renewable natural origin, ingredients of the highest quality and crafted scientifically to achieve their signature blend of unexpected notes. The high concentrations of citrus oils in Atelier’s formulas means the perfume not only lasts longer on the skin, but also retains its balance and freshness. It’s a spitz of feel-good vibes in every aspect as the brand follows strict guidelines during the creation process, respecting an environmentally conscious approach. 

The fresh and lively essence of Atelier’s Joie De Vivre collection was what I recently stumbled upon while wandering through The Loop in Dublin airport. Chanel’s luscious foundation was oh-so-tempting, Bobbi Brown’s lipstick counter was fun, MAC even more so. But before I was even halfway through my almond milk latte, I was spritzing myself dizzy with this brand I never heard of before - Atelier Cologne, I think I found my signature scent. The Pomélo Paradis scent, made from mandarins from Italy, Vetiver from Haiti and pomelos from Florida, brought a subtle freshness to my dark, rainy morning. The sparkling, tangy scent was so full of sweetness, it was like wild beauty meets aristocratic elegance. The beautifully packaged bottles are très chic, and there are also mini bottles available to gift your loved ones. 


So if you’re escaping Irish shores for Christmas, and looking for something citrusy, spicy and everything nice, Atelier Cologne at The Loop in Dublin airport is really what you should be booking flights for; especially because they're also offering complimentary (and exclusive) embossing on the leather perfume cases that come with your fragrance to add to your gift list this Christmas. 

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