#AskEllie: What's The Best Skincare For Men?

Q: My boyfriend keeps dipping into my Creme De La Mer and I'm ENRAGED. Can you point me in the direction of a good moisturiser for men with dry skin so I can shove him off and save my beloved moisturiser?

E.B: Mitts off fella! It's time to get territorial here. Sharing in relationships is a noble idea and fine most of the time, but when it comes to pricey products; what's yours, is yours!

So what's the way forward? I always recommend Kiehl's skincare for men. The range carries an exemplary selection of products designed specifically for male skin and all it's concerns and woes.

The Facial Fuel Anti Wrinkle Cream is a great all-rounder, as it hydrates and re-invigorates the skin. As the name suggests, it also helps defend against the signs of aging (and if your man swears he doesn't care about impending wrinkles? He's lying!)



The range also has some great shaving products, The Ultimate Man Razor Bump Relief is marvellous for soothing skin post shave, I'm told. It's also billed as a saviour for sensitive skins prone to bumps and ingrown hairs.




And for the more oily skinned gent, the Oil Eliminator 24 Hour Lotion helps skin to feel light and fresh whilst visibly reducing the look of pores and shine. All I know, is that it's been called ?a lifesaver? in my earshot!


Another genius product for the boys, is the Intensive Purifying Mud Mask by Tom Ford. It's remarkably good at releasing all the blockages beneath the skin and clearing out the skin tone. Yes, they may break out in a minor enough way, but it's worth it in the long run. For a more accessible price point, the entire L'Oreal Men Expert range is very effective too, and well worth an introduction to your man.




Overall, when it comes to male grooming, although our nations? men are getting so much more skin savvy, it does appear that the notion of going for a treatment is still a step outside the comfort zone. A voucher could be purchased for a salon for Christmas perhaps? Or if that wouldn't work, take him to a counter in a store for a skin consultation - he may secretly love it.

Space NK and The Grooming Rooms on South William Street are good, non-girly environments for your bloke to get his grooming in gear. Try the barbering services for entry level, and then stand back as he makes his own follow on appointments.

His future is groomed, and your products stay your products!


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