Ask The Expert: How To Get Three Days Out Of Your Blowdry

Steven Baitson, stylist at the new Easilocks Hair Salon at 50 Wellington Quay shares his tips and tricks for getting the most out of your blowdry. 


"The most important thing you can you do is to definitely use the correct shampoo. Shampoo that's too heavy for your hair type can make your hair hang long, and too light can make your hair too flyaway. It's like a prescription, and don't be afraid to mix your haircare, but your shampoo should be primary. So if you have a colour that rinses out very easily, use a colour protect shampoo, and if you're frizzy, use a deep frizz conditioner. If you have fine hair with broken ends, use a volume lift shampoo and an extreme conditioner like Redken Anti-Snap. Everyone's hair is different so speak to a stylist to find the best one for you."

Living Proof Full Root Lifting Spray, €32



"Use a root lift spray on your roots, and comb it through for a hold that will last." Cult beauty brand Living Proof, available in Marks and Spencer, have the ultimate in their Full Root Lifting Spray, €32 - a lightweight, non-sticking spray that will give height to flat hair.


"If you’re looking for volume when blow-drying your own hair, blast it off first until it's 75% dry and use big brushes. To hold your height and bounce from your blowdry, put rollers around your top section and sides, do your make-up and remove the rollers last before you leave.

For a straight blowdry

"If you have a straight blowdry, smooth a pea-sized amount of smoothing cream over the hair, go over hair once with a straightener for a hold, then use a serum."

For a curly blowdry


"Fix up any stray curls with a wand and to keep them smooth, use a wide tooth comb or paddle brush gently, to keep them looking smooth and not fluffy. If you like a bit more bounce, you can pin your curls up and hold it with a light layer of hairspray."

Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo, €24


"To get a third day out of a blowdry, brush a very small amount of dry shampoo in your hair, but only in the top section."

Photography by Jason Lloyd Evans.


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