Ask The Experts: The Professional Pony

In the November issue of IMAGE, on shelves nationwide now, leading Irish hair experts share the AW17 trends to know and the products you'll need for great winter hair. 

“A pony is perfect for working days when you want you hair to look good, yet out of your face. Smooth out your hairline using a powerful hairdryer (the LanaiBLO 24500W is ideal) and a natural bristle brush (don’t forget the back) then tilt your head backwards, and pull your hair up into a pony that’ll sit above the occipital bone (the strong bit of skull at the back of your head). Fix with elastic, then when you straighten your head up the back won’t sag, it’ll stay as a nice, tight catwalk pony. Finish with spray and by wrapping a small price of hair round the elastic then fixing in place.” – Katie Jane Goldin, CEO of LanaiBLO, Gold Fever, InStyler and

"Depending on your hair length we suggest low for shorter or curlier hair and higher for longer. For a more professional pony, its important that the hair is pre-styled - waved, smoothened or heated with rollers. This gives a more polished look to your ponytail. Wrapping some of the under pieces of hair around your band gives a finished look to your ponytail. For styling I recommend WELLA EIMI Sugar Lift Spray, €11.65." – Sharon Sheehan


WELLA EIMI Sugar Lift Spray, €11.65

"A professional ponytail in my mind is an immaculate ponytail. It can be a high pony, low pony or side pony but it must be flawless with no lumps or bumps. When creating this look I use tons of hairspray and gel to get rid of any fly-aways for a really stream lined effect. A good flat paddle brush is also essential to smoothly pull the hair back into shape." – Paul Hession, Hession Hairdressing,

"Use Bunji bands, they’re super easy to apply. You can never underestimate the good ponytail." – Paul Davey, Davey Davey,

"High ponytails and sleek ponytails are taking center stage at the moment. One rule to follow is to always cover the bobbin with hair for a more salon inspired look. High ponytails also work when you’re leaving some hair down; this also works really nicely with top knots. Rita Ora and Cheryl wear this look and nail it." - Christian Shannon, Manager at Brown Sugar, South William Street,

"I love to use bungee cord hair bobbins. You can get them in any good hair supply shop. They come with a hook on each end so its easy to use. A good soft bristle brush is essential to ensure the hair is sleek and I like to spray hairspray onto the brush rather than spraying directly onto the hair. I love Sebastian Zero Gravity, €18.50." - Darren Lacken, Crow Street Collective,

Check out Sharon Sheehan, Paul Davey, Paul Hession, Christian Shannon, Darren Lacken and Katie Jane Goldin's tips for autumn/winter hair trends in the November issue of IMAGE, on shelves nationwide now. 


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