#Ask Ellie: Can Brides Wear Red Lipstick?

?Q:?I'm getting married in a few months and I want to wear a red lip. However, when I kiss my fianc? at the altar, I fear I will leave him resembling The Joker from Batman. How do I avoid a colour transfer?

?EB: I personally love a red lipstick on a bride. I think it adds a really nice depth to the face and can work to add great definition and focus in pictures when the risk is that you could all but disappear when surrounded by so many white and creamy tones - all that pale can look a tad insipid.

When I'm doing makeup on a bride, I always recommend to her that she has three choices on which feature to highlight: 1) eyes, 2) lips or 3)to have all features in total balance, which means to have equal emphasis on eyes, lips and cheeks resulting in a lovely, soft look overall.

But back to the red lip?as with all makeup, there is a trick to help the longevity of your chosen hue, and with a strong toned lip, it's all about layering texture upon texture.

  • Start by priming your lips by exfoliating them first; strong lip colours are unforgiving and if your lips are dry and flaky, that will be obvious (also, not so great for kissing). Give them a rub with a dry toothbrush each night preceeding the wedding and load on the lip balm. The AOX Lip Complex by SkinCeuticals is an amazing lip treatment.
  • So now to application: first, lightly fill in the entire lip with a red lip liner in a shade close to your lipstick tone. This provides a dry base for the lipstick to adhere to and also ensure that when your lipstick begins to wear off (as it will), you are not left with colour solely around the edges.
  • Next, apply a layer of the colour on top and then blot it off by kissing a tissue - this presses the colour further into the lip and adds depth and longevity.
  • Then go again - apply another thin layer of the lipstick on top so it leaves behind a slight sheen, as dry matte lips are not that flattering for a bride (or anyone). At this point, it can be good to go over the outer line with your lip liner again to check the edges are clean and not smudged.
  • In terms of maintaining the colour throughout the day, task your bridesmaids with checking you - especially before pictures, and try not to keep licking your lips or rubbing them together. Which leads me to the kissing question - I'm afraid, if you choose a high maintenance red shade, you will have to accept that a quick peck at the altar will be the best option for both you and your groom. If a more passionate embrace is in your plans, you'll have to keep to safer nudes. The choice is yours!

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