Are mini procedures the new aesthetic treatment?

This year is all about the mini procedure, writes MELANIE MORRIS, as aesthetic treatments are fine-tuned to offer more effective and affordable results.

I can always remember a dermatologist asking me when a €600 moisturiser hit the market if I had that cash, would I spend it on skincare or go for one hit at a proven aesthetic treatment. At a time when the beauty industry is really looking at itself in terms of consumption, value for money, sustainability and avoiding unnecessary waste, it’s interesting to note that the world of aesthetics is also beginning to take a more pragmatic look at what’s on offer. Like, why pay to undergo a full treatment when really we just need the benefit of that laser/needle/ handset in one problem place? Welcome to the world of mini- procedures, people, where smart gals (and guys) are fine-tuning their requirements, paying a fraction in terms of time as well as money, and still reaping 100 per cent of the desired benefits. Let us show you some smart shortcuts for your next derm visit.

Want a sharper jaw, or an effective brow lift? Ultherapy is the scientifically proven way to get a defined, beautiful result over approximately 60-90 days with zero downtime. The procedure is administered through ultrasound energy pulses which transmit down through the layers of skin and subcutaneous matter to stimulate collagen growth and encourage basal muscle to gently lift and contract (yes, it hurts a bit – short and sharp – but the results are worth it). Traditionally, Ultherapy works across the face and neck, with a full treatment coming in around €3,000. But now, clients can request a shorter treatment (approximately 40 minutes) focusing on just one area. A smart move, because who cares about your chin if it’s your brows that droop? And no point getting your cheeks treated if you simply want to focus on your turkey wattle neck. Cost, from a far more pocket- friendly €500 from clinics nationwide.

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While there is no quick, easy solution to banishing fat (sorry!), CoolSculpting has been proven to eliminate 20-40 per cent of fat cells in a treated area over 30-60 days. This is achieved by freezing a “block” of body fat sucked into a handset and chilling it to the required sub-zero temperature for 45 minutes. The only problem is, at approximately €1,000 a go, if you were to try and attack love handles, tummies, hips and/or flanks, it takes a lot of 45-minute sessions, as the device makes its way around the body. Better, then, to target those small, stubborn little fat pockets that really won’t budge any other way, for a procedure that will show significant results; like knees, under the chin, back of the bra strap or that other beast – the “bra puff” close to the underarm area. Pretty much painless, the smaller handpiece is attached to the area, after which the only necessary aftercare is a short, two-minute massage each day. Priced depending on time, but starting at €1,000 from River Medical.

While we all shouldn’t be so paranoid about the size of our pores, we can blame Instagram and the Kardashians for what is a full-blown obsession. Regular facials and an extensive homecare regime can certainly shrink pores to a minimum, but a quick, cheeky session of Micro Botox will do the same in minutes (with zero downtime). It involves multiple, tiny and superficial injections of a Botox solution over the most porous “butterfly” area of the face (cheek and nose), relaxing the “arrector pili” muscles, which are responsible for pore size. Results take a few days to fully kick in and will last for up to six months. Pain is minimal, and in addition to reducing pore size, Micro Botox also reduces oil secretion – an added bonus for many. From €300 at the Dr Mulrooney Clinic.

Backstage photography by Jason Lloyd Evans.

This article originally appeared in the March issue of IMAGE Magazine, on sale now. 


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