Anti-ageing winners for early signs of fine lines and wrinkles

Anti-ageing skincare is something I've been using since I was in my early 20s... Call it a preventative measure. But now, it's essential. Here's what I still use...

A well-rounded skincare routine will involve a cleanser to remove make-up, a cleanser to really create a blank skincare canvas, a vitamin A derivative, a vitamin C somewhere in there and probably some acids (glycolic, lactic, salicylic)... the list really does go on.

As we know, skincare is a minefield of information and it can overwhelm at times, but to break it down, I focused on three things I do specifically with anti-ageing in mind.

A great retinol


The ultimate fine line reduction tool, retinol is a vitamin A derivative that significantly improves uneven texture, lines and tone in the skin.

Pestle & Mortar (an Irish company!) have a retinoid night oil which is formulated using two types of retinol in a base of cold-pressed, organic and steam distilled oils. I use it every third night as well as the rest of my skincare.

Pestle & Mortar Superstar Retinol Night Oil

€76 from

Regular facials

In general, a regular facial treatment with a professional can do wonders to keep you ticking over in terms of good skincare.

Specifically, I love the Pro Collagen Age Defy facial at The Spa at The Shelbourne. It's one of few that are clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and improve skin firmness. A real treat that's also seriously effective and results-driven. Ask for Jaqueline Nash - she knows her stuff.



A mask here and there

I definitely mix them up, going between Glam Glow, Biologique Recherche and Image Skincare. But if you're on a budget, Nivea's new vitamin C Q10 masks are only €4.99 a pop - they recharge dull skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and make you look less tired.


Nivea Q10 plus C Anti-Wrinkle + Energy 10 Minute Sheet Mask

€4.99 from pharmacies nationwide

Always, always wear SPF


Bottom line: The sun is the primary reason our skin shows signs of ageing. Even in overcast weather, even with a hat on, sun gets through and causes virtually irreparable damage. Wear SPF 50+ on your face, every day. Simple as.


Image Skincare Prevention Daily Ultimate Protection Moisturiser SPF50

€49 from

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