Another Dove Campaign To Make You Body Positive

Dove's body positive campaigns are easily the most empowering advertisement campaigns in the marketing game this past decade. The beauty brand has been aiming to inspire women all over the world through a series of print and video stories to love their bodies, and not to feel bad in any way about who they are.

By using real women, Dove was one of the first modern beauty companies to reject the airbrushed ideal. They've held onto this marketing success and replicated it seamlessly by keeping the ?you do you, and feel fabulous while doing so? message central. It's an imperative mesasge when you consider statistics that say nine out of ten women don't think they're beautiful when they look in the mirror.

This time round the ?Dove campaign is ?Choose Beautiful?. The video below shows a scene from five cities around the world - Delhi, San Francisco, London, Shanghai and Sao Paulo. Women were filmed as they walked towards two doors in a shopping centre. Each door was individually and brashly labelled ?average? or ?beautiful?. The women chose which one to cross the threshold under and were asked why after. Have a watch, it's all very emotional.


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