Tropical Popical's Andrea Horan can't live without these four beauty products

This afternoon, we welcomed entrepreneur, glitter activist and IMAGE Beauty Festival speaker Andrea Horan to to take over our Instagram ahead of Ireland's first ever beauty festival on May 25th & 26th.

First of all, thank you Andrea and the super talented Rebecca for adding totally Tropical Popical colour and nail art to the IMAGE offices!

In preparation for what will be the biggest date on the Irish beauty calendar (you have heard about the IMAGE Beauty Festival, right?!) we sat down with Andrea for a chat on all things beauty.

As a beauty maven herself, and the brains behind one of the most popular nail bars in Dublin, she knows a thing or two about beauty. So, we were keen to find out about her top four must-have beauty products.

Prepare yourself (and your bank account) because she knows exactly what she is talking about and you will want every single product.


Pomegranate Noir Cologne 100ml by Jo Malone, €109 at Brown Thomas 

"I love having a signature scent and I love when people go say they can smell me before they see me. I love having that affiliation with it and I think perfume smells different on everyone and I feel like I have taken ownership of it!"

Cleanse Off Mitt by the Skin Nerd, €5.95 at

"I just met with The Skin Nerd recently, and before this, I was a make-up wipe addict. An actual addict. She gave out to me and everyone always gave out to me about it, but I was like 'ok fine I'll try and not use them'. Now, I have started using the mitt and I can't get over how that magic thing works because it takes off every single bit of your make-up."

Vita Coco Coconut Oil, €9.99 at Holland & Barrett


"If I wash my hair myself, which I don't do very often,  I love to use coconut oil. It keeps my hair luscious and it makes it feel natural and I love to have a natural vibe."

MAC Powder Kiss lipstick in the shade Lasting Passion, €20 at Brown Thomas 

"I can't live without a MAC red lipstick. I just got the new one and it's amazing because usually matte lipsticks can really dry your lips out. This newest one is called the Powder Kiss lipstick and it's really moist and it's called Lasting Passion."



Andrea takes to the stage of Ireland's first beauty festival - the IMAGE Beauty Festival - on Sunday, May 26th.

Beauty Outside The Box, in the Samsung Beauty Theatre, is set to be a conversation about natural beauty trends and how art influences make-up. Andrea Horan will moderate a panel of experts who have alternative perspectives on the world of beauty: Anthony Usher - Coterie Salon Dublin, Clutch Chicken London, Kate Moss' hairdresser, Amanda Nordell - nurse turned facial acupuncturist and Sinead Rice, head of education at The National Gallery.

Jennifer Rock, aka The Skin Nerd, will also be on stage on Sunday. During Face Time, on the Boots Beauty Stage, Jennifer will deliver her top skin commandments. The award-winning skin lecturer and multi-award winning facialist will advise on the best products to suit various skin types and answer any pressing skin concerns.

IMAGE Beauty Festival

Join us for an unforgettable weekend of beauty in the heart of the Irish capital! Secure your tickets for this immersive beauty event now and we look forward to seeing you there on May 25-26.


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