Andie MacDowell's Top Beauty Tips

Andie MacDowell has been a beauty ambassador for L'Or?al Paris for the last 30 years, so she knows a thing or two about looking good. Rosie McMeel, editor of IMAGE Magazine met up with the Hollywood star in Cannes to talk all things beauty.

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Here, she shares just a few of the beauty tricks and tips she's learned over the years. "1. Sunblock. My dad ended up having melanoma and my sister just got a melanoma removed, so sunblock. I tell my girls to wear sunblock all the time. My son has moles too so I'm a big advocate for sunblock. 2. Water. 3. Moisturiser. 4. Sleep. That one is really important and it's harder when you get older because when your hormones start to change, sleep gets harder to achieve and you know there's a part of me that really wants to write a book about beauty because I'm really fascinated about it. I have worked really hard trying to figure out how to sleep because I figured it out finally, sleep to me, is so important. But it's still hard because of my schedule and the pressure I'm under can be really intense. My hours are really hard. People don't realise what goes in to a television show. Sometimes I'm working 15 hours a day. And I'm lucky to get my 12 hours off because some people only get 11 hours but you know, you've got to think of everything you've got to do in that time and you want to sleep, right? Anyway long answer, so yeah sleep is a really good one too! So what was that? Water, sunblock, moisturise and sleep!"


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To read the full interview with Andie MacDowell, check out the September issue of IMAGE Magazine. Out now.
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