Anastasia of Anastasia Beverly Hills told me how to keep my brow pomade fresh

Actual Anastasia of the eponymous make-up brand gave me a whole host of brow tips when I met her recently, including what I was doing wrong with my own...

While Anastasia Soare of the LA-based Anastasia Beverly Hills brand was in Brown Thomas, Dublin recently, she delivered a line so perfect it drew a round of applause from the gathered beauty editors, influencers and make-up artists.

She said, in a gentle staccato, "You see, I do not need to work. I work because I am passionate and because I want to." It was the effortless and casual manner in which she said that that made me sit up and pay attention to every other word she said.


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Anastasia knows best

The first thing I asked her was "how are my brows?!" and I was legitimately dreading the response - she struck me as an exceedingly honest woman. "They're fine" she said. "A little heavy on the innermost part, brush that through more."

Done, and done. I made the change, she was right.

Top brow tips

She also gave everyone gathered an invaluable piece of advice about keeping your brow pomade from drying out - if it's exposed to air, because it's waterproof, it will eventually dry out.

To stop that happening, or if that does happen, to refresh it, add a drop of oil in and leave it overnight, then mix. It'll keep it fresher, longer.



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She also said, very wisely, that everyone should be using two different shades of brow product when applying their brows to make them look more real, more dynamic and more like actual hairs. The woman KNOWS her stuff when it comes to brows.

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