All Hail Benefit Air Patrol: The Saviour Of Red, Dry Eyelids

Raise your hand if you've ever felt personally victimised by red, dry eyelids.

Between pollutants, smoke, sun exposure, not to mention non-environmental factors such as too little sleep, boozing, squinting at your computer screen all day long, your eyes have a lot of work to do. No wonder then that your eyelids may suffer looking a little too stressed and lacking in hydration.

Well, Benefit have answered your prayers; say hello to Air Patrol, BB cream eyelid primer. Featuring EnviroDefend complex, shea butter and SPF 20, this wonder wand will help to guard your delicate eyelids against all of the aforementioned nasties. As an added bonus, it will colour correct your skin tone around the eye area, hydrate your thirsty lids and keep your eyeshadow locked in place.

New eye primer BB cream from @benefit_ire is

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It's got a 3-in-1 formula: 'Intercept, Protect and Colour-Correct'.

Benefit have done their research ensuring that their latest product was a hit with the likes of you and I. 93% of those on a consumer panel who tested it said it feels calming and soothing, 94% agreed that it relieved any dryness while 91% said it helped to extend the wear of their eyeshadow.


On top of all of that, as is always the case with Benefit, the product packaging itself is super cute.

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?29.50, launching September 2015

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