These are the products haircare professionals are using to get glossy locks at home

Add this professional haircare range to your beauty essentials and feel like you've just stepped out of the salon every time!

The ultimate accessory for any woman on a glam night out is a sleek hairdo.

Once our hair is right, we feel we can conquer the world.

So when we discovered a range of products that make us feel like we've just had a chic pamper session without having to leave the house, we were sold!




A variety of ALFAPARF Milano products to keep you glam day and night are available in appointed salons nationwide. Photo: Supplied


From roots to tips, ALFAPARF Milano has got us covered. From shampoos that work hard to rebalance the scalp, to masks that lock in moisture, to leave-in replenishing conditioners, letting our hair down has never been more tempting.

The range, available in appointed ALFAPARF Milano salons nationwide, is the go-to brand for professionals around the world to produce salon-worthy hair at home.


And if that wasn't impressive enough, ALFAPARF Milano products are made with meticulous attention to detail in its headquarters in Milan, the fashion capital of the world.

The company is always testing new innovative products, such as its new SCALP range, which is designed to balance the scalp through probiotic and prebiotic active ingredients to keep the bacterial flora of the skin in balance. The science doesn't lie!

So whatever your haircare issue: nourishment, fighting the frizz, or the quest for ultra shiny locks, ALFAPARF Milano is your new BFF. You can thank us later! Visit the website for more information.

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