How to air-dry your hair properly during summer (with zero frizz)

We get a few weeks (at most) during the summer where we can let the natural air do the work to our tresses and besides, leaving your hair to dry naturally saves time, money and energy.

But how do you make sure your air-dry looks as good as a blow-dry, rather than a dishevelled mess? Because many associate air-drying their hair with frizz, it can put people off letting it alone, but with the right products and the correct conditioning, a lacklustre air-dried finish can be a thing of the past. Also, did you know, the best way to fight frizz is to let it be, so have as little contact as possible with the hair once dry.

Here are our tips for getting the best out of your natural locks:

Curly hair


In the shower the night before, rake your favourite conditioner through your hair from root to tip. Or, if you're washing in the morning, apply a leave-in cream - Bumble and Bumble's Don't Blow It is brilliant before twisting your damp hair into a bun for the day - the idea is that when you release the bun, you'll have smooth curls and minimal frizz.

Straight hair

After washing with Kevin Murphy Angel Wash + Rinse (it's brilliant for straight and fine hair) a little bit of product is necessary but not a lot (especially if you have fine hair) as too much will weigh it down and make it greasy, so a light, smoothing cream is fine. Make sure all tangles are out of the air and plait it. For additional volume, add your favourite mousse and then brush out the hair when dry.

Short hair


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Add a texture spray - Bumble & Bumble Dry Spun Finish Thickening Hair Spray is brilliant for volume - to your hair while damp. Once you've combed the product through your hair, then arrange how you like it and allow it to air-dry completely and once it's dry, flip your head upside down to increase volume and texture.

Thick hair

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Make sure all the excess wetness is removed by really towel-drying the hair and then add an oil - L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil is perfect; it keeps your locks sleek and shiny and tames unruly frizz in seconds - and then clip hair up. The trick is to dry it with a towel first but not overly so, otherwise, your hair will curl and frizz. And if you want to add a mouse instead of oil, add it to wet hair only, never dry - it will only make it straw-like in texture.


Photography by Jason Lloyd Evans.

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