A Product To Help Match Foundation To Your Face

These shade adjusting drops are the business; add less than two to your makeup and dreaded foundation streaks will be a thing no longer.

I always find foundation hunting tricky in Ireland. There's plenty of what I term 'in-the-middle' shades?but for those at opposite ends of the spectrum - really really pale or really really dark - the hunt is infinitely harder. Most shades almost get it, but even the palest verges on colours so white they'd be best used at Halloween or so orange-dark your?face looks Donald Trump-ed (not good). Just thinking about how much money has been wasted on 'almost there' colours (applied once and never used again) brings a tear to my eye.

Which is why, when I stumbled?on these nifty shade adjusting'shops from The Body Shop?(?17 each), it felt like Christmas had come all over again. You can get two variations - one to lighten and one to darken your foundation - and a minimal?amount mixed with the shade that needs reworking will see it more suited to your natural'skin colour. The lighter option contains a concentration of white and pink pigments which helps neutralise yellowness while?the darker option is more pigmented; a concentration of black and red pigments to help darken while keeping its natural depth.


And because you're not mixing two separate foundations to find the correct shade, the texture of your foundation stays put; very important if you want it to sit right on your skin.

It's important to remember that less is more when adding the product; one-to-two drops is more than enough to lighten your foundation by a shade and less than one drop will darken it the same way. It also won't work miracles, so if you need to darken yours by more than a few drops, your shade match?needs to be done again.

But this is a product when used correctly, that works; some of my favourite lovely-but-too dark shades of makeup have been made lighter again thanks to these drops. So, if shade dilemmas are getting you down, pop either of these in your beauty kit and wave goodbye to foundation lines forevermore.

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