A New Foundation To Love: Make Up For Ever's Ultra HD Foundation

Those of you who are on the hunt for a perfect foundation which provides fuller coverage, but feels as light as air can stand up and do a happy dance. Beauty brand Make Up For Ever, known for their cult HD Foundation, have further developed their winning formula and created the Ultra HD Foundation Fluid; a step up on the former MUA favourite.

What's so special about this, I hear you ask? Well, first and foremost, it is the only foundation designed for what is known as 4k technology - i.e. our?ever-advancing technology of today.

With 4k technologies, the next generation of digital devices will apparently display images with unbelievable detail, clarity, and heightened colour, so in other words, every pore will be visible in exacting detail. The thought of such intrusive technology doesn't exactly fill us with joy (who wants all their flaws in HD definition?), but this is why the fluid was essentially created; to withstand such scenarios. It gives a skin perfecting finish (literally, every flaw and blemish is concealed), all while feeling light as a feather when applied. A rarity for a HD foundation in our books.


It has a medium finish, which can be built up if needed, but the coverage is so good, you'll rarely have to buff on an excess amount. Other foundations in the market that promise a similar effect - Este? Lauder's Double Wear, for example - feels very heavy when applied so this one is miles ahead in that it doesn't look or feel like you have a lot of it on, even if you do.

Yours truly has been wearing it daily for almost a month and can attest to this - it is the stuff of which perfect foundations are made.

On the technical side of things, it features "uniquely-coated pigments that provide excellent coverage with an even lighter weight", resulting in a second-skin texture that looks just like, well your skin (as opposed to foundation-covered skin). It stays put for hours, doesn't clog pores or set into fine lines or wrinkles and you can choose from over 40 shades in the range, so you will get an ideal match (pale-skinned ladies can also rejoice as the lightest shade is almost too fair, so get matched before you buy). It also doesn't dry skin out like some HD foundations can, so you'll be set for the winter months.


It also comes in a stick format, if that's what floats your boat, but it's fluid that we prefer; the finish and staying power are noticeably better with this option.

If you want to ask Santa to leave a surprise under your Christmas tree, we would highly recommend the liquid foundation. It's available to buy now.


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