A Letter To My Skin by IMAGE Staff

YourGoodSkin is the skincare brand that wants to help you transform your skin and give you good skin for life, co-created by thousands of women. Over two years, more than 2,000 women shared their stories of how their skin behaved on good days and bad days, what they liked, what they didn’t like, their issues and their worries. These insights formed the YourGoodSkin range. Here, IMAGE staff share their own skin stories, by writing their skin a letter. 

Dear Skin...

We’ve reconnected a lot this year and it’s been really good. Maybe it’s an age thing, but you’re more important to me than ever before. It’s fair to say our relationship has been something of a rollercoaster, but I finally feel we’re on the same page. It wasn’t you, it was me. Actually, I think it was both of us. I took you for granted. I didn’t protect you when I should have, but you gave me a lot of grief too and made me feel terribly insecure at times. I still haven’t forgiven you for that pimple the size of the Sugar Loaf when I was discovering boys. And seriously, what did I do to deserve adult acne in my 30s? Having said that I feel bad for covering you up for so many years. I won’t do it again. I promise I’ll have your back if you have mine. I vow to nourish you, if you allow me the odd glass of wine without making too much of a fuss about it. If we can both keep up our sides of the deal I look forward to growing old with you. Wrinkles and all. - Rosaleen McMeel, Editor and Beauty Director, IMAGE Magazine


Thank you for protecting me all these many years, and forgiving me for the times I didn't treat you well. Here's to another fortysomething years together. - Meg Walker, Managing Editor, IMAGE Magazine

Hello skin... if I knew then what I know now, I would have slathered sun screen on my neck to avoid skin cancer and wrinkles! - Clodagh Edwards, CEO, IMAGE Publications

We didn't get on that great for a few years did we? I don't blame you I suppose. I slathered you with spot creams, scrubbed at you with baby wipes and occasionally lay out in the sun without protecting you. I'm sorry. Despite the mistreatment, thanks for turning up on my wedding day. Turns out all it takes is happiness to help you glow. I'll remember that one. Chat soon. - Dominique McMullan, Digital Editor, IMAGE.ie

I am sorry for ravaging you with aggressive, drying treatments and medications for much of my adult life. I only did it because I was so self-conscious of my pimples in my late teens and early twenties that I would cancel nights out. Had I known then that hydrating moisturisers would be a far more effective solution - and swapped dreaded baby wipes for cleanser, a muslin cloth and good old-fashioned warm water - I wouldn't have attacked you so voraciously. - Lucy White, Editor, CARA Magazine


Every now and again it's like we go on a little holiday together and having clear skin is a temporary bliss like a week on a sunny beach. Then, you play up again and like the moment you step off a plane in rainy Dublin Airport it's back to reality! - Hannah Hillyer, Office Manager, IMAGE Publications

Hello skin, we've had a long ride. There has been some ups and downs, finger pointing and careless insults thrown around. Regardless, you've always been the one reminding me to stop eating rubbish, touching my skin with greasy fingers, and immersing myself in overly-expensive chemical creams; usually in the form of a pimple or two. You're the only motivator I need, I promise I'll listen in the future. - Ellen Bird, Editorial Assistant, IMAGE Magazine

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