A 4 in 1 Hair Styler That Works?

Here at IMAGE HQ, we're always looking for nifty ways to speed up our grooming process, the products and the tools that deliver salon quality results while we slurp on our tea in our dressing gowns at home. Ahh, the dream.

Having just recently invested in a set of hair extensions, this writer's need for something beyond a hairbrush was never more apparent. And so, it was to Remington's new Silk Ultimate Styler that we looked. Can something that promises medium curls, loose curls, waves or silky straight locks really deliver the goods? Yes, yes it can. Achieving a decent wave is really rather effortless here, it's just a matter of getting to grips with the wand, which can take a bit of time.


So, what sets this styling tool apart from the rest?


It has a ceramic coated barrel for even heat distribution and its 25mm split barrel tong lets you create multiple looks with one tool. It also comes with a heat resistant mitt so you can protect your hands as you style. It also heats up to 230 degrees centigrade, so watch out for melted fingers; the glove is essential!

This one will please those who leave the house too often to come to the dawning realisation that?they've left the darned thing plugged in; it automatically shuts off after 60 minutes. Phew!

It's loose natural looking curls that are perhaps most sought after and here's how we went?about creating the look.

1. Keep the sleeve with the split on.

2. Take a small to medium sized section of hair and feed it through the split in the barrel, quite close to the root, unless you just want to kink the ends, in which case start half way down.

3. Simply turn the styler 180 degrees and pull down the hair slowly. You don't need to keep twisting and turning until you've trained as a professional contortionist. It's very easy.

4. Repeat!


If you're after silky soft, bouncy hair but don't have five hours every morning to sit there obsessing over each strand, this 4 in 1'styler which retails at €53.32 at Boots.

Do you find it difficult to create natural looking curls? What tools are you using at home?


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