6 Easy Overnight Hair Hacks To Channel La Moss This Weekend

We all know Kate Moss doesn't just?wake up like that. I mean, just look at the?picture above. The good news (for those of us that are not Kate Moss) is that there is?quite a few simple overnight hair hacks you can try that can help limit the amount of time you'll have to spend styling your strands at a Godforsaken hour. More?time for (multiple cups of) coffee before work and a new office do? Sounds good to us.

For Straight Hair

Hair wrapping is the answer to straight locks come the morning:

For Beachy Waves


Divide your hair into three or four sections and plait each section into a braid. Make sure you plait it till the end to avoid the enemy - frizz. Now twist the braid into buns on your head and secure it with some hair clips. You will wake up to wonderful looking waves once brushed out.

For Curly Hair

If you've had your hair curled, the main concern will always be?that the curls fall out as you sleep.??One way to help prevent this from happening is to use the "pineapple" technique. Simply get a hair scarf and'start by gathering your hair on the top of your head. Then, take the scarf and wrap it around the base. (Doing this will make your hair look like the leaves of a pineapple, hence the name!). To maintain softer curls, take the ends of your hair and roll them up, tucking them in a hairband.

For Shiny, Softer Hair

Softly brushing your hair before bed - but not overdoing it as aggressive brushing can damage it ?- is good for softer hair and encourages shine. Using a soft paddle brush, start brushing from the bottom of your hair, working our way detangling the hair.


To Get More Volume

Simply pull your slightly wavy hair is a long braid when your hair is half-dry. Sleeping with the braid will give create volume and thickness within the hair.

To Get One More Day Out Of Your Hair

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If your hair and scalp seem to be oily, spray a little dry shampoo on the hair before you go to sleep, as opposed to the next day. ?This way, the dry shampoo can work its magic overnight and there's no powder-like residue clinging to the ends as you run out the door. Oh, and did we mention'satin pillowcases? ?These can help to keep your hairstyle from getting messed up while you sleep since it's smoother than other fabrics and it prevents frizz.

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