5 Tips To Get Sun-Savvy

We recently attended a talk given by skin expert Jen Jones and Ambre Solaire on the importance of sun care and we took away some key pointers for avoiding the sun trap, as it were. Below are five simple tips to help you and yours stay safe from the sun all year round. What we need to realise is that the sun can be harmful. Some sun exposure is certainly beneficial, but not to the point of risking permanent damage.

There are both UVA and UVB rays to consider.?UVA are the rays that penetrate deep into the skin, causing premature ageing and wrinkling. UVB are the short-wave rays that redden and burn the superficial layers of skin. These are thought to play a key role in the development of skin cancer. Invest in sun protection that targets both. Ambre Solaire's Sensitive Advanced Dry Touch Protective Mist ?has an SPF of 50+ and protects from both UVA and UVB.

Embrace the sun-savvy approach and soak up these little tips this summer.


  1. Start using sun cream and general sun protection measures young. Make sure to keep your children well protected.

  2. Use year-round protection. Even in Spring and Autumn when the weather tends to be cooler, UV levels can be high enough to cause damage.

  3. Sun cream is not enough. Take shade and cover up. T-shirts, hats and sunglasses please!

  4. Stay out of the sun during peak times, avoid the?hottest times of the day.

  5. Make sure to keep your legs protected. Women in particular tend to be susceptible to melanoma beginning?in these areas. We often say our legs rarely tan or burn, but this does not mean that they are exempt from damage in any way.



THE MYTHS - Most of us have been guilty of these at some point... but that doesn't make them any more true.

  • Myth: ?I feel cool so I won't burn.?
  • Myth: I already have a base tan, so I don't need suncream.?


Don't take chances this summer, take care of your skin. Protect your family and yourself.


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