5 Must Sees For Beauty Lovers At Electric Picnic

If you've clicked this link, it means you might be?high maintenance but fabulous and perhaps find festivals a little difficult. I'm right here with you, email me, let's start a cult.

You screenshot the beauty looks you'll be imitating over the weekend, you've watched and practiced the YouTube tutorial for glitter buns or warrior braids you'll be wearing and your flash tattoos are on right now. You're the girl your friends will come to when they go to the Portaloo because they know that in your bum bag you've packed hand sanitizer and packets of tissues. You're the one who sacrifices packing extra gin?for a little more room for your serum. You're the one who'll be telling security at the gate that you oh my god genuinely swear, the 500ml bottle of Bioderma with the new pump down head in your bag really is micellar water. As if you'd pour out 500ml of that magical elixir for an extra bit of vodka over the weekend.

You're probably planning on going home every day for a shower. I'm right there with you. Festivals aren't about just dressing as closely bohemian as Florence Welch and giving out about the lineup and bringing a banjo down for the weekend. Some of us are here for festival wardrobes and to finally try out the M.A.C Colour Rocker green lipstick in a safe and socially acceptable environment.

M?A?C ColourRocker in Deep With Envy, €20


Some of us are here to try out just how semi-permanent semi-permanent hair dye is. I don't care for your eye rolling. Don't come crying to me when you need dry shampoo tomorrow?because the mud has turned your hair to dreadlocks.

If you have difficulty minimising your toiletries for what is essentially a weekend in a field, I understand too and I have a hack. If you're considering packing your more expensive all-time favourites, let's try something.Mentally rehearse your reaction to losing your full make-up and beauty bag. Can you afford to replace your good Nars Sheer Glow foundation and YSL Shock Waterproof Mascara for False Lash Effect??and new Clarins Double Serum after a weekend of Electric Picnic? Leaving the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream at home for the weekend doesn't mean you've to scrounge on your beauty routine. Not all heroes wear capes, and some of them have travelled to Electric Picnic to help keep you fabulous all weekend long.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream??90

Here's five must-sees for beauty lovers heading to Electric Picnic this weekend.?


To celebrate the launch of Australian cult beauty brand Aussie's six delectable new dry shampoos the?#AussieHair ?Joozh? Bar is coming to Electric Picnic. Get your hair revived in six different styles (think braids, waves and hair rings) from expert hair stylists, wake yourself out of your hangover tomorrow morning with a purple bespoke Australian coffee and capture the moment in their GIF booth and maybe win a chance to upgrade yourself to VIP for the weekend. They'll have an indoor lounge to rest your festival feet, an urban playground to mess around in and hair demos to brush up on your beauty knowledge. ?You'll also find their cult product?3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment sachets which will be placed in the showers at both festivals. See you there for some boho waves!



Just Eat are bringing the first ever Full Moon Party experience to Electric Picnic, where you can walk on real sand, amongst real palm trees that have been shipped into Stradbally and chill out to the sound of the ocean while waiter service and picnic porters will help to carry your bags in return for a?voluntary donation to the Peter McVerry Trust.?Beauty lovers can get?creative with neon body paint at the Just Eat Retreat Full Moon Party. Catch you there for a Thai Spice Bag or seven from SABA.



If you forgot your most basic toiletries in the struggle over whether or not to pack your Strobe Cream, no need to panic.?Nivea?products from face wipes to shower gel?are exclusively available in the showers in the?Jimi?Hendrix Campsite, including?Nivea?Cr'me?Care Facial Cleansing range and?Nivea?Daily Essentials Cleansing Collection.?Nivea?In-Shower?Moisturiser and Nivea Men's Active Clean Charcoal Shower Gel will also be available. Who said festival showers were scruffy??Aussie girls can also quench their thirsty locks by looking out for our cult 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment sachets which will be placed in the showers at both festivals. Aussie's got your festival recovery sorted, as in just 3 minutes; your hair can stop sending SOS signals and will be restored to its shiny, silky state in no time at all! Headliner Hair is in reach; don't miss out on the Aussie ?Joozh? Bar this summer and you'll be ready for an encore all weekend!



The Pink Pamper Hair and Beauty Salon is returning again to the Jimi Hendrix campsite. You can fix your hair yourself with a GHD, freshen up at their refresher station and get some face jewels applied by the Pink Pamper makeup artists. If you're really in need of a beauty boost, you can get your hair washed and blowdried or braided and your eye make-up applied. The Pink Pamper Hair and Beauty Salon will be open from 2pm-6pm on Friday and 8am-6pm on Saturday and Sunday for all your pampering needs.




If you're already covered in glitter from head to toe, we've found your people. Davina Devine, one of Ireland's leading drag acts, will be hosting Lip Sync Showdown at the 3Disco Stage. Get covered in glitter and don't miss James Kavanagh and Doireann Garrihy lipsyncing for their lives tomorrow around 6pm.

Have a great weekend!?


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