5 Game Changer Cleansers

Cleansing is not a matter of just running a wipe over your face and hoping for the best - right! Seriously, we know they are ?handy? and there may be times when they can be viewed as ?better than nothing?, (late nights etc) but we hope that when it comes to your overall beauty routine that you give your skin a little more love to protect it long-term.

There are a few schools of thought when it comes to what constitutes a good cleanse and of course, you know your skin best, but as a general rule, we find it best to remove eye makeup with a Micellar Water, the Garnier one is very good, and then to move on the cleansing. We are fans of a double cleanse when time permits - this works on the principle that the first go removes makeup and any grime that your skin picks up after a day in the city, and the second one cleans deeper into your skin, thus really giving the benefit. The second cleanse, when done with a massage motion really gets the blood flowing and helps your complexion to glow, heal and repair itself. Obviously there's a time factor, so this second cleanse is best at night, and don't worry about not knowing any proper massage techniques as your therapist does, just a nice, flowing rotation with a good enough pressure will work wonders. Here's some cleansers we really rate:

The SkinCeuticals Gentle Cleanser is a real gem of a cleanser. Suitable for almost all skin types it is mild enough for any sensitivity but also strong enough to give a powerful cleanse. It's the perfect product for an effective double cleanse


The Eve Lom cleanser, now has an almost mythical status since it's launch over 20 years ago. Based on four main ingredients and formulated by the formidable skin expert, Eve Lom, it is a truly effective cleanse and possibly one of the very best you'll find. It's waxy texture and muslin cloth method spawned many copies, but none so good as the original - it has a unique way of nourishing and thus exposing your best skin, possibly ever. It's expensive but well worth trying.

The Jan Marini Bioglycolic cleanser is another super-effective cleanser that is based on glycolic acid - the gentle exfoliant. It's an absolute must for any skins that feel clogged up with impurities that won't come to the surface or skin that feels dull. It works very gently to help skin to renew itself by helping to stimulate cell turnover and collagen production. I tried this out after a period of adult acne and it was a game-changer for me.

The Nuxe Rich Cleansing Gel is a gorgeous honey scented, soap-free oil based cleanser that is a super-star for dry skins. It never dries your skin and avoids that stretched, de-hydrated feeling that some dry skins can encounter after a cleanse. It's also widely available in lots of pharmacies now and the range has many other excellent products to try out too. Gotta love the French ranges!

Another French brand, much loved for their no-nonsense approach to skin is La Roche Posay. They make a suite of cleansers for all skin types but the Physiological Cleansing Gel is a stand-out saviour for combination or oily skin types. It's gel based, but not drying as many are, and it works very efficiently to help clean and purify any troubled skins.


So now you know - time to ditch the wipes!

By @elliebalfe

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