5 Celebrity Scents We Love

Let's face it: celebrity scents can be a bit, well, naff. ?Often little more than a money spinner for the famous face involved, many of these fragrances smell synthetic and cheap. But push your misgivings to one side, and let your nose inform your choice: you could find yourself surprised. Here's where to start:

1. You don't think Kate Moss would lend her name to just any old thing, do you? When the supermodel teamed up with Coty in 2007, it was the start of a long and successful partnership. We love the original, the eponymous Kate Moss, which is soft, fresh and green; it's a great daytime scent that fans of Marc Jacobs Daisy will especially adore. €23.95, 30ml

2.We have Elizabeth Taylor to blame for the celebuscent craze: she launched the world's first celebrity fragrance with Elizabeth Arden in 1988 - and White Diamonds (her second release) is still one of their bestselling scents. Blending classic florals with sensual notes of?patchouli, amber and sandalwood, this has a balance and elegance that have made it an enduring success. €66 for 100ml


3. Like the man himself, David Beckham's fragrances are also worth a sniff. One of the world's most celebrated noses, perfumer Roja Dove, noted Intimately for Him has ?character?, with the woods and resins smelling ?actually rather good? - and we totally agree. His lady wife's scents didn't fare so well - but Victoria, we still love you! Just not quite as much as your husband. €37, 50ml

intimately beckham

4. We weren't blown away by Fame, so Gaga's second offering, Eau de Gaga, took us by surprise. A heady, androgynous juice, this starts off citrusy and dries down to some lovely woodsy and leathery tones. The bottle is also attractive in a high-end, Tom Ford kinda way - not, of course, that we'd be swayed by that. At all. €33.95, 50ml

5. Designed to smell like when you wear his sweater and your fragrances combine, Halle Berry's Closer sounds gimmicky, but actually works. Created with the perfumer behind Jean Paul Gaultier and Issey Miyale's L?eau D?issey, Jacques Cavallier, this is an unusual lavender/citrus combo that smells intimate and fresh. €24.95, 50ml

Emma Henderson @FluffyBlog


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