5 Of The Best Tools To Help Tame Curly Hair

For curly haired gals, there's a good base to work with. Your locks have a natural kink; this helps set the curl (hurrah!) but you also frequently engage in what can only be described as a daily war trying to tame frizz and fuzzy hair - and it ain't pretty. At least, not the kind of pretty you become accustomed to waltzing out of a salon post-blowdry. And for those that find their tresses kink-free, the Holy Grail is getting the curl in the first place, making sure it stays put. In both cases, extra help is required - especially if you want beachy waves before you head on your summer holidays. Take it from someone who knows (and whose wallet is usually empty because of it), salon-standard curly locks aren't possible without the use of a decent electronic tool or weekly trips to your hairdresser (if only). ?And because none of us have the time and/or funds to indulge in a thrice-weekly professional blow-dry (the dream) to maintain or give us?the curls we so desire, a hair gadget is the only answer. Luckily, hair tools have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, so you no longer have to fork out every scent you own for something that actually works.

Below is our tried and tested guide to five electric tools that will unleash your hair's curl:

GHD Curve Soft Curl Tong

This one is on the higher-end of the price scale, but boy does it do the job. ?is The soft curl tong uses GHD Tri-Zone technology to ensure an optimum temperature is consistently maintained across the entire plate which is said to increase shine and an impressive 50 percent?less breakage. The result is super-sleek hair a 32mm barrel ideal for creating soft tumbling waves. The tong itself is really easy to handle and the curls stay put, even if you're hair is more straight to start with. ?150?


Babyliss?Curl Secret

Known as the lazy girl's dream curling tool, this is one for those who want something to curl the hair quickly and easily. ?Simply section off a small piece of hair (stay small; going too big could mean your hair getting stuck), place it in position and watch it disappear into the device (and panic not, that's supposed to happen). Once in the 'ceramic curl chamber', it'll be heated from all angles before releasing a curl. Great for those with straight hair or for those who wish to tame coarse unruly hair into perfect curls. Pricey, but worth it.??169.99

Remington Curl Revolution

Remington's ?The Curl Revolution?, is a blessing for those that cannot wrap their hair around a barrel without getting second-degree burns as the wand does it for you (minus the burns). This one is also highly innovative?in that the wand can rotate in different directions to create both curl orientations - curl in the same direction for a more uniform, polished look; curl in different directions for a more natural look. And it heats up in around 15 seconds - ideal if you're about to dash out the door for work. ?129.99

TRESemm? Perfectly (Un)done Curling Tong Curler


This one is a great budget buy, and the results far outshine its cost. The barrel is ceramic coated, with three different heat settings and a maximum temperature of 200 degrees. It's sleek and simple to use and particularly great if you're a beginner looking for a subtle wave. This one works best on those with short or shoulder-length hair. ?28.99?

T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand

This one can be bought online and frequently tops Best Curling Tongs lists across the globe. And for a good reason. With five heat settings and three interchangeable barrels, flitting between tousled waves, polished curls or bouncy curls can be easily done, simply by changing the barrel. Oh, and Blake Lively uses it in case you needed more convincing. ?225

Main image by?averie woodard?on?Unsplash

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