4 must-watch Instagram beauty tutorials

Whether you watch beauty tutorials on Instagram purely for fascination (they're somewhat therapeutic) or to actually attempt the look — brave — here are some great ones...

In Ireland, we've got make-up artist influencers that really compete on an international level with some of the world's foremost tutorial makers, and two that I love watching personally are Jen Morris and Ellie Kelly.

I've also chosen two international MUAs who I love following purely to get lost in their tutorials. Enjoy!

Jen Morris


If you're looking for a solid ten-minute one to get deeply into, Jen Morris — formerly known as Too Dolly Make-up — provides the goods on a regular basis.

I love Jen's brow tricks in particular, and how she lets her natural skin and freckles be a focal point instead of being entirely covered up.


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Ellie Kelly

Ellie is one of Ireland's most-followed make-up artists, and with good reason — she has a serious eye for colour and for a good blend.

In this particular tutorial, she shows the importance of doing a complicated (and possibly messy) eye look before moving on to finish complexion.



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Mirela K

If you're not already following Mirela, I suggest you change that, pronto. She's an Australian-based make-up artist with 110K followers, and she plays effortlessly with colour, texture and style.

Her skin is also flawless and leaves me wondering constantly about her skincare routine.


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Krystal Sutherland

I could watch Krystal for hours. She not only does incredible make-up tutorials, as seen here with her everyday smokey eye (which, hello, no one I know could possibly recreate every day, but hey ho!), she also creates the most beautiful hair looks.

Her thick bob is massively versatile and those videos of hers are worth checking out too.


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